Sudoku qualifier for the 11th PSSC announced

More than 100 Sudoku puzzlers winning top places in the regional elimination round are counted among the national finalists of the 11th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (11th PSSC) which will be held at the Skydome, SM North EDSA in Quezon City on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

The qualifiers of the 11th PSSC national finals who come from the different regions in the Philippines will compete for the top five places of the following categories: Sudoku Master (Collegiate and Professional level), Sudoku Wizard (High School Level) and Sudoku Whiz Kid (Elementary Level). 

Joining the list of national finalists of the 11th PSSC are the top five winners of every category of the 10th PSSC. However, to be official participants, all must confirm their willingness to participate in the 11th PSSC at this email address, with the subject header, “Yes, 11th PSSC” on or before Wednesday, December 28, 2016.

Note: The top 5 national winners of each category of the 10th PSSC are automatically qualified to be national finalists of the 11th PSSC but also needs to confirm their willingness to participate at the email address provided above.

In addition, the national qualifiers are requested to provide the MTG contact person the following information:

  • Name:
  • Gender (sex):
  • Grade/year level (if student):
  • School/Company name:
  • Category (Whizkid / Wizard / Grandmaster):
  • Place/Venue of the Regional Elimination held:
  • Mobile contact number:
  • T-shirt size: (please refer to the file below)

Sudoku Tshirt-size Chart

The following are the partial regional winners invited to join the 11th PSSC national finals:

 NameSchoolCategoryElim Round Venue
1Acaban, MelisaUP Los BanosGrandmasterSM City Marikina
2Adlaon, Kate AnneDLSU ManilaGrandmasterSM City Lucena
3Alquiza, Justine MylesGrandmasterVigan City
4Arcillas, Ana CarmelaRCBCGrandmasterSM City Marikina
5Baroman, Noelle GraceGrandmasterCagayan De Oro City
6Bayron, Christopher JohnDLSU ManilaGrandmasterSM City Marikina
7Borbajo, Kriselle MaeUSCGrandmasterSM City Cebu
8Chan, Alvin IanUSTGrandmasterVigan City
9Chan, Arianne BeatriceUSTGrandmasterSM City Marikina
10Chelsea Faye V. MendozaSaint Louis UniversityGrandmasterSM City Rosales
11Cheong PetersonGrandmasterKCC Mall Zamboanga
12Co, Apollo ClarkStaplers, Inc.GrandmasterTarlac City
13Co, JacquiynJILCFGrandmasterSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
14Co, PhilippAteneo de IloiloGrandmasterSM City Iloilo
15De Belen, MarchBDOGrandmasterSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
16Dejito, AmorDavao City National High SchoolGrandmasterDavao City
17Dy, Natalia BeatriceGrandmasterBacolod
18Estolatan, Ryan SilanUP - DilimanGrandmasterSM City Marikina
19Gamboa, Zchelmer JoashGrandmasterBacolod
20Garcia, Marc JosephGrandmasterSM City Dasmarinas
21Gregorio, JessicaImmaculate Concepcion School - BaliuagGrandmasterSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
22Holaysan, Sed AndersonLexMarkGrandmasterSM City Cebu
23Ihalas, JondelOur Lady of Fatima AcademyGrandmasterDavao City
24Jao, Natasha MaeGrandmasterCagayan De Oro City
25Lacerna, Diana JoyUP Los BanosGrandmasterSM City Marikina
26Laderas, Vic JomarBaguio City National HSGrandmasterBaguio City
27Lagasca, MaikeeUniversity of the PhilippinesGrandmasterSM City Iloilo
28Liclican, Sephi MarzLa Salle ManilaGrandmasterSM City Marikina
29Machacon, AlecUSCGrandmasterSM City Cebu
30Maximo, Kristine DanielleUP - DilimanGrandmasterSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
31Meynard, AlbertGrandmasterSM City Dasmarinas
32Michael Moises CostudioGrandmasterSM City Clark
33Mychelle T. FernandezGrandmasterSM City Clark
34Naraval, Paul JeremiahUP- BaguioGrandmasterBaguio City
35Ong, FredGrandmasterBacolod
36Poral, Neil PhilippLa Salle ManilaGrandmasterSM City Marikina
37Rapanot, JuvenalSPCISGrandmasterVigan City
38Repaje, DanielLyceum of AparriGrandmasterTuguegarao City
39Reyes, JonathanUP - DilimanGrandmasterSM City Marikina
40Roegen C RiveraLa Union National High SchoolGrandmasterSM City Rosales
41Sarrosa, RalphGrandmasterSM City Marikina
42Shirley YapGrandmasterKCC Mall Zamboanga
43Solidarios, Candice Renee BeatriceUP Rural High SchoolGrandmasterSM City Lucena
44Soria, GenevievePhilippine Science High School-Southern MindanaoGrandmasterDavao City
45Suson, Farrah AngelicaGrandmasterCagayan De Oro City
46Torres, Angela MariUP- BaguioGrandmasterBaguio City
47Yao, Jhereme KhyleUP - DilimanGrandmasterSM City Marikina
48Yap, Kathlyn MaeLa Salle ManilaGrandmasterSM City Marikina
49Ang, Ralph GabrielCebu Eastern CollegeWhizkidSM City Cebu
50Anthony Gabriel MendozaBHC Educational Institutition IncWhizkidSM City Rosales
51Banan, Gian CarloSt. Paul University PhilippinesWhizkidTuguegarao City
52Baroman, Jether NoelWhizkidCagayan De Oro City
53Bernardo, Sheena DianneSHS-AteneoWhizkidSM City Cebu
54Bonpin, Tiffany ClaireWhizkidOlongapo City
55Cabugao, Louisa JeanAkle Elementary SchoolWhizkidSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
56Catudio, Niel MatthewWhizkidOlongapo City
57Cerio, Yssa EmmuelleCebu Eastern CollegeWhizkidSM City Cebu
58Cervantes, Ronald JohnWhizkidBacolod
59Chan, Enzo Rafael S.Bayanihan InstituteWhizkidTarlac City
60Charles Edison RamosZamboanga Chong Hua HSWhizkidKCC Mall Zamboanga
61Chrisel Lei Paneda Saint Augustine's School WhizkidZambales
62Dacula, KayeCebu Eastern CollegeWhizkidSM City Cebu
63De Leon, Ghrayan CarlaBaliwag South Central SchoolWhizkidSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
64Dela Cruz, HarveySCESWhizkidSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
65Doromal, Reyshiel AnneHua Siong College of IloiloWhizkidSM City Iloilo
66Dy, NathanWhizkidBacolod
67Erin Christen NocedaWhizkidSM City Clark
68Escalante, Diodel AlexisWhizkidOlongapo City
69Gamliel Jeth C. NiebresOur Children's Montessori Foundation Inc.WhizkidBicol
70Gino Paolo MabalotAGOO Kiddie Special School WhizkidSM City Rosales
71Go, Desiree ReginePCGSWhizkidSM City Cebu
72Jan Steven YongZamboanga Chong Hua HSWhizkidKCC Mall Zamboanga
73Katipunan, Andrea NicoleSabang Elementary SchoolWhizkidSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
74Lacson, AdrianPCGSWhizkidSM City Cebu
75Lee, Charisse NicoleWhizkidBacolod
76Lim, ReniseCebu Eastern CollegeWhizkidSM City Cebu
77Luzzia Dorothy MagnoSaint Augustine's School WhizkidZambales
78Lyka Jean Darum Botolan South Central Elemntary School WhizkidZambales
79Maligsay, Kyn AchillesICAWhizkidVigan City
80Manuel, Nicole FaithWhizkidBacolod
81Maraye, AbdurrazzaqWhizkidCagayan De Oro City
82Margaret Ellyse Dela CruzZamboanga Chong Hua HSWhizkidKCC Mall Zamboanga
83Matinez, JamesAssumption College of DavaoWhizkidDavao City
84Matthew Charles CarpioAGOO Kiddie Special School WhizkidSM City Rosales
85Navarro, NinalizaWhizkidCabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
86Odeña, Irish BeaSilangan Elementary SchoolWhizkidSM City Marikina
87Otero, BenjamenPCGSWhizkidSM City Cebu
88Phylline Cristel CalubayanBHC Educational Institutition IncWhizkidSM City Rosales
89Plumas, JamesMasao Elementary SchoolWhizkidButuan City
90Ria Bettina EbbayWhizkidSM City Clark
91Romero, Kal-el Andre' L.Tarlac Montessori SchoolWhizkidTarlac City
92Salamatin, Errol Arvy T.Don Bosco technical InstituteWhizkidTarlac City
93Saluta, James RyanButuan City SPED CenterWhizkidButuan City
94Samantha Lianne CheongZamboanga Chong Hua HSWhizkidKCC Mall Zamboanga
95Samonte, Jean KathleenSabang Elementary SchoolWhizkidSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
96Santiago, Mary FranchescaWhizkidCabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
97Sargado, J IahHua Siong College of IloiloWhizkidSM City Iloilo
98Serg Ansel PanganWhizkidSM City Clark
99Sigue, CzevieWhizkidCabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
100Tamayo, John PaulWhizkidSM City Dasmarinas
101Teodoro, CharlotteSantol Elementary schoolWhizkidSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
102Yu, Kyle AllisonPCGSWhizkidSM City Cebu
103Allison Danielle M. Smith BHC Educational Institutition IncWizardSM City Rosales
104Allysa Nicole EspinosaSaint Augustine's School WizardZambales
105Baluso, Eileen KimAssumption College of DavaoWizardDavao City
106Baroman, Noelle FaithPhilippine Science High School-Central MindanaoWizardCagayan De Oro City
107Bayas, ChristianAKLEWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
108Bearneza, GillianeWizardSM City Dasmarinas
109Bernabe T. Dy IiiPangasinan Universal InstituteWizardSM City Rosales
110Boado, Krizzel JoyPSHS - CARWizardBaguio City
111Buo, DaphneeDYCIWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
112Cabigting, Aleja KathrynRegional Science HS R3WizardOlongapo City
113Camille SyZamboanga Chong Hua HSWizardKCC Mall Zamboanga
114Capili, ColeenICAWizardVigan City
115Carpio, DeniseDr. Yanga's College FoundationWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
116Catherine Joy Sta. RitaZamboanga City HSWizardKCC Mall Zamboanga
117Cayago, Andre JoaquinWizardSM City Dasmarinas
118Chan, Kirsten Dominique S.Bayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
119Chrisdan Mathew LlanesZamboanga City HSWizardKCC Mall Zamboanga
120Chua, Aivan JarellGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM City Marikina
121Chua, Nicole Abigail LimBayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
122Claveria, Eijamin WolfgangWizardSM City Dasmarinas
123Co, HennisonPhil. Academy of SakyaWizardSM City Marikina
124Co, JennyCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
125Co, Ma. Samantha YsabelAteneo de IloiloWizardSM City Iloilo
126Concepcion, Bernadette C.Bayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
127Conte, MarielJILCFWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
128Cortes, ChristianBayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
129Creus, Elena RuthUSC-SouthWizardSM City Cebu
130Cua, Jerickson RodneyGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM City Marikina
131Dalan, GeraldSt. Joseph CollegeWizardOlongapo City
132David Kyle R. PicartAquinas University of LegazpiWizardBicol
133De Asis, Kaizer AlbertGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM City Marikina
134De Guzman, AaronLolomboy National HSWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
135De Jesus, AgustinTHSWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
136De Jesus, CrisiaSMNHSWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
137De Pedro, Ravi JanWizardBacolod
138Del Rama, RoevinDYCIWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
139Dy, Julia FatimaCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
140Enojo, Shealtiel ShawnCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
141Eugenio, MaryjaneDYCIWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
142Fedrick Lance LimZamboanga Chong Hua HSWizardKCC Mall Zamboanga
143Frederick De GuzmanWizardSM City Clark
144Fundanera, Kimberly ClaireSPCISWizardVigan City
145Gabata, John JosephDr. Yanga's College FoundationWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
146Gaiana Gabrielle CarpioUniversidad de Santa IsabelWizardBicol
147Galaxy RiveraBHC Educational Institutition IncWizardSM City Rosales
148Gayados, Cleo JeanBaguio City National HSWizardBaguio City
149Gonzales Iii, Andres RicoColegio De San Juan De LetranWizardSM City Marikina
150Hangad II, WilliamAgusan del Sur National HSWizardButuan City
151Hayag, Edjay ElyWizardCagayan De Oro City
152Ho, Shannon Gail La Salle ManilaWizardSM City Marikina
153Inate, Andrea DhagneHua Siong College of IloiloWizardSM City Iloilo
154Jampit, Hansel MaePhilippine Science High School-Central MindanaoWizardCagayan De Oro City
155Jayson CerezoRegional Science High SchoolWizardSM City Rosales
156Jele Marie CortezLa Union National High SchoolWizardSM City Rosales
157Jocson, Raldz LorenWizardBacolod
158Jon Michael MollasgoAquinas University of LegazpiWizardBicol
159Julia James BerinAquinas University of LegazpiWizardBicol
160Kim, Hyo JinWizardSM City Dasmarinas
161King, Grant AaronGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM City Marikina
162Kyle Patrick B. AlimpiaBHC Educational Institutition IncWizardSM City Rosales
163Lasquite, NicholasPhilippine Science High School-Central MindanaoWizardCagayan De Oro City
164Layos, MikhaelaWizardSM City Dasmarinas
165Lee, Jessica NadineWizardBacolod
166Lorize Lorielle Dado Zambales National High School WizardZambales
167Macaraeg, Cheries LawrenceDavao City National High SchoolWizardDavao City
168Malungcut, Kahlil Christian Aaron T.Don Bosco Technical InstituteWizardTarlac City
169Marcaida, Mikhaela AngeliqueWizardSM City Dasmarinas
170Mariquit, MarjonCagayan de Oro National HSWizardCagayan De Oro City
171Marlo TorrejaZamboanga City HSWizardKCC Mall Zamboanga
172Masbano, RaymundWizardBacolod
173Maximo, Kian GabrielWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
174Melendrez, Romeo DaneRegional Science HS R3WizardOlongapo City
175Misa, Rod JeffersonCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
176Misa, Rodolfo Jr.Cebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
177Molina, MargeICAWizardVigan City
178Moses Christopher C. CarpioAGOO Kiddie Special School WizardSM City Rosales
179Oga, Francis NicoliCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
180Olino, ShaenaWizardCagayan De Oro City
181Olino, ShaneaWizardCagayan De Oro City
182Ong, Lorrie PhillimaeCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
183Ong, Sanielle MelizWizardBacolod
184Otar, Terson LaurenceCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
185Pablo, Michael AngeloLyceum of AparriWizardTuguegarao City
186Parra, LeibnizSt. Paul College PasigWizardSM City Marikina
187Patrick Myles CheongZamboanga Chong Hua HSWizardKCC Mall Zamboanga
188Pescadero, James LloydCebu Eastern CollegeWizardSM City Cebu
189Piccio, TomPhilippine Science High School-Southern MindanaoWizardDavao City
190Politico, WynaSPCISWizardVigan City
191Ralph Ernest G. ArganaBHC Educational Institutition IncWizardSM City Rosales
192Robles, RedDYCIWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
193Rosco, Polly AnneWizardSM City Dasmarinas
194Seminio, Catherine JoyWizardBacolod
195Simbol, Jan VincentBHC Educational Institutition IncWizardBaguio City
196Simbol, Ronn DerickBHC Educational Institutition IncWizardBaguio City
197Siu, Kate Anne TheaPhil Tong Ho InstituteWizardSM City Lucena
198Stephen James TyZamboanga Chong Hua HSWizardKCC Mall Zamboanga
199Su, JohnnaBayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
200Tabanao, GeilahPhilippine Science High School-Central MindanaoWizardCagayan De Oro City
201Tadiosa, Kriz DianneMaryhill CollegeWizardSM City Lucena
202Tan, Alison ChloeTarlac Living Faith AcademyWizardTarlac City
203Teodoro, Rennie RoseSMCBWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
204Villaflor, JojieWizardBacolod
205Waban, Mark NinoCagayan de Oro National HSWizardCagayan De Oro City
206Wing, JonathanDYCIWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
207Yaon, JamesVDFHSWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
208Yu, Eunice JillianGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM City Marikina
209Yuga, AngelicaDr. Yanga's College FoundationWizardSM City Baliuag, Bulacan
210Yulo, JeninaWizardBacolod