Sudoku puzzlers qualify for the nat’l finals

More than 100 Sudoku puzzlers winning top places in the regional elimination round are counted among the national finalists of the 10th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) which will be held at the Skydome, SM North EDSA in Quezon City on Saturday, January 30, 2016.

The qualifiers of the PSSC national finals who come from the different regions in the Philippines will compete for the top five places of the following categories: Sudoku Master (Collegiate and Professional level), Sudoku Wizard (High School Level) and Sudoku Whiz Kid (Elementary Level). 

Joining the list of national finalists of the 10th PSSC are the top five winners of every category of last year’s PSSC. However, to be official participants, all must confirm their willingness to participate in the 10th PSSC at this email address, with the subject header, “Yes, 10th PSSC” on or before Monday, December 28, 2015.

The top 5 national winners of each category of the 9th PSSC are automatically qualified to be national finalists of the 10th PSSC but also needs to confirm their willingness to participate at the email address provided above.

In addition, the national qualifiers are requested to provide the MTG contact person the following information:

  • Name:
  • Gender (sex):
  • Grade/year level (if student):
  • School/Company name:
  • Category (Whizkid / Wizard / Grandmaster):
  • Place/Venue of the Regional Elimination held:
  • Mobile contact number:
  • T-shirt size: (please refer to the file below)

Sudoku Tshirt-size Chart

The following are the partial regional winners invited to join the PSSC national finals:


1ALASCO, Kriestoffere Carlo Q.Quezon Hill National High SchoolBaguio City NHSWIZARD
2Alcala, Samantha Gil G.St. Paul College PasigSM MarikinaWIZARD
3Alexandra Jane TamondongDominican SchoolSM RosalesWIZARD
4Allison Danielle M. Smith BHC Educational Institutition IncSM RosalesWIZARD
5Ana Patricia  M. VillaminSaint Augustine's School Saint Augustine's School, ZambalesWIZARD
6Arinjoy, KennethSta. Ana NHSSM City DavaoWIZARD
7Artiaga, Mylene JaneAssumption College of DavaoSM City DavaoWIZARD
8ARZADON, King Joshua D.Baguio City High SchoolBaguio City NHSWIZARD
9Avila, GenevieveAquinas UniversityNaga Hope Christian HSWIZARD
10Babiera, PhoebeOur Lady of Fatima AcademySM City DavaoWIZARD
11Balagtas, BenjoSto. Nino HSSM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
12Balano, John VincentDYCISM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
13BALIDOY, Ed Matthew G.Philippine Science High School - CARCBaguio City NHSWIZARD
14Baluso, Eileen KimAssumption College of DavaoSM City DavaoWIZARD
16Berin, Julia JamesAquinas UniversityNaga Hope Christian HSWIZARD
17BOADO, Krizzel JoyPhilippine Science High School - CARCBaguio City NHSWIZARD
18Bobadilla, RanceRegional Science HS IIISM City OlongapoWIZARD
19Brylle Jaden Louise Ordonon/aSM RosalesWIZARD
20Bulaon, SunshineMariano Ponce NHSSM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
21Buo, DaphneeDYCISM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
22Capili, Coleen AnnImmaculate Concepcion Academy BatacIlocos SurWIZARD
23Chan, Kirsten Dominique S.Bayanihan InstituteSM TarlacWIZARD
24Chan, Vicente RaphaelZamboanga Chong Hua HSZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
25Chelsea Faye V. Mendozan/aSM RosalesWIZARD
26Chua, Aivan JarellGrace Christian CollegeSM MarikinaWIZARD
27Chua, Nicole Abigail L.Bayanihan InstituteSM TarlacWIZARD
28Cirunay, Daisy AnneDavao City NHSSM City DavaoWIZARD
29CLARIDAD, Mica Aira B.Baguio City High SchoolBaguio City NHSWIZARD
30Co, Ma. Samantha YsabelAteneo De Iloilo - SMCSSM IloiloWIZARD
31Co, Maxinne Louise DominiquePhil. Science HS - WVSUSM IloiloWIZARD
32Concepcion, Bernadette C.Bayanihan InstituteSM TarlacWIZARD
33Cristal, Jenniah Loisen/aSM BacolodWIZARD
34De Guzman, CharleneMaryhill CollegeSM City LucenaWIZARD
35Dela Rama, Rexie AnnDavao City NHSSM City DavaoWIZARD
36Diadio, Johnna Izzan/aSM BacolodWIZARD
37Dy, Julia FatimaCebu Eastern CollegeSM City CebuWIZARD
38Eugenio, Mary JaneDYCISM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
39Fundadera, Kimberly ClaireSt. Paul College of Ilocos SurIlocos SurWIZARD
40Gabata, John JasperDYCISM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
42Hayag, Edjay ElyPhil. Science HS - CMCXavier University HSWIZARD
43Ho, Shannon GailZamboanga Chong Hua HSZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
44Imperial, Andrea AlexisAquinas UniversityNaga Hope Christian HSWIZARD
45Joenah Reah D. PajarilloAGOO Kiddie Special School SM RosalesWIZARD
46John Patrick Barrera Saint Augustine's School Saint Augustine's School, ZambalesWIZARD
47Kyle Patrick B. Alimpian/aSM RosalesWIZARD
48Lee, Jessica Nadinen/aSM BacolodWIZARD
49Lim, Fredrick LanceZamboanga Chong Hua HSZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
50Macaraeg, Charles Lawrence Davao City NHSSM City DavaoWIZARD
51Malungcut, Kahlil Christian Aaron T.Don Bosco Technical InstituteSM TarlacWIZARD
52MARCAIDA, MIKKAELA ANGELIQUE P.Manila Science High SchoolSM DasmarinasWIZARD
53Masbano, Raymund Carlon/aSM BacolodWIZARD
54Matthea T. Simn/aSM RosalesWIZARD
55Maulion, AbegailDLSLSM City Lipa BatangasWIZARD
56Maximo, Kian GabrielSMCBSM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
57Melendrez, Romeo DaneRegional Science HS IIISM City OlongapoWIZARD
58Misa, Rodolfo Jr.Cebu Eastern CollegeSM City CebuWIZARD
59Molina, MargeImmaculate Concepcion Academy BatacIlocos SurWIZARD
60Mollasgo, JonAquinas UniversityNaga Hope Christian HSWIZARD
61Monique A. Pobre Saint Augustine's School Saint Augustine's School, ZambalesWIZARD
62Moses Christopher C. CarpioAGOO Kiddie Special School SM RosalesWIZARD
64Ocana, Michelle Iligan City East National HSXavier University HSWIZARD
65Olesco, Kirsten LeniAquinas UniversityNaga Hope Christian HSWIZARD
66Olino, ShaenaPhil. Science HS - CMCXavier University HSWIZARD
67Ong, Lorrie PhillimaeCebu Eastern CollegeSM City CebuWIZARD
68Ong, Sanielle Melizn/aSM BacolodWIZARD
69Otar, Terson LawrenceCebu Eastern CollegeSM City CebuWIZARD
70Palan, GeraldSJC Olongapo Inc. HS DeptSM City OlongapoWIZARD
71Perez, Ma. CarmelaISBBSM City LucenaWIZARD
72Piscadero, James LloydCebu Eastern CollegeSM City CebuWIZARD
73Ralph Ernest G. ArganaBHC Educational Institutition IncSM RosalesWIZARD
74Sermona, John Jerick T.Cayetano Science Technology HSSM MarikinaWIZARD
75Soria, GuineverPhil. Science HS - DavaoSM City DavaoWIZARD
76Suarez, Errol JohnAquinas UniversityNaga Hope Christian HSWIZARD
77Sui, Kate AnnePTHISM City LucenaWIZARD
78Tadina, Krista SamanthaSt. Paul College of Ilocos SurIlocos SurWIZARD
79Tan, Bryan JosephGrace Christian CollegeSM MarikinaWIZARD
80TORCUATO, Irene Danica B.Baguio City High SchoolBaguio City NHSWIZARD
81Valencia, CassieAteneo De Davao HSSM City DavaoWIZARD
82Wing, JonathanDYCISM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
83Yaon, JamesVDLFHSSM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
84Yu, Shaun ChristoroperZamboanga Chong Hua HSZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
85Yuga, AngelaDYCISM City Baliuag BulacanWIZARD
86Adlaon, KylaISBBSM City LucenaWHIZKID
87Baroman, Jether NoelTambo Central SchoolXavier University HSWHIZKID
88Bayas, Christian D. Akle ESSM City Baliuag BulacanWHIZKID
89Carpio, Kristine MarieSBESSM City Baliuag BulacanWHIZKID
90Chan, Enzo Rafael S.Bayanihan InstituteSM TarlacWHIZKID
91De Guzman, FrederickLittle Angel Study CenterSM City OlongapoWHIZKID
92Dy, Bernabe T. IIIMother Goose Special School System, IncSM RosalesWHIZKID
93Fernandez, Charlyn JoyAssumption College of DavaoSM City DavaoWHIZKID
94Gomez, Romar A.Patubig ESSM City Baliuag BulacanWHIZKID
95Holaysan, AlessandraBethanySM City CebuWHIZKID
96Karyl Zyra B. BaltazarAGOO Kiddie Special School SM RosalesWHIZKID
97Lim, Jannica AllysonZamboanga Chong Hua HSZamboanga Chong Hua HSWHIZKID
98Macky Emerson P.Benitez Saint Augustine's School Saint Augustine's School, ZambalesWHIZKID
99Maligsay, Kyn AchillesImmaculate Concepcion Academy BatacIlocos SurWHIZKID
100Manto, James WincelISBBSM City LucenaWHIZKID
101Mary Alyenne Josephine AzarconBHC Educational Institutition IncSM RosalesWHIZKID
102Medrano, Debbie MaeSta. Ana NHSSM City DavaoWHIZKID
103Misa, Rod JeffersonCebu Eastern CollegeSM City CebuWHIZKID
105Noceda, Erin ChristenSPED-G KalayaanSM City OlongapoWHIZKID
106Ramos, Charles EdisonZamboanga Chong Hua HSZamboanga Chong Hua HSWHIZKID
108Sargado, JiahHuasiong College of iloiloSM IloiloWHIZKID
109Tabanao, Leigh Andrei M.Don Bosco Technical Institute, TarlacSM TarlacWHIZKID
110Tan, Angela JamiePCGSSM City CebuWHIZKID
111Teodoro, John CarloBarangca ESSM City Baliuag BulacanWHIZKID
112Uy, Robert Frederikn/aSM BacolodWHIZKID
113Verana, ChaelAssumption College of DavaoSM City DavaoWHIZKID
114Villaflor, Jojien/aSM BacolodWHIZKID
115Villanueva, Liezyl JoySolomon Integrated School De IloiloSM IloiloWHIZKID
116Wu, Chun-ChienBayanihan InstituteSM TarlacWHIZKID
117Yulo, Jeninan/aSM BacolodWHIZKID
118Adlaon, Kate AnneDLSUSM City LucenaGRANDMASTER
120Alquiza, Justine MylesUSTIlocos SurGRANDMASTER
121Ayroso, MikelAteneo de Manila UniversitySM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
122Baruc, Florabeln/aSM BacolodGRANDMASTER
123Bayron, Christopher John D.n/aSM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
124Bernardo, Sheryl DianneUSCSM City CebuGRANDMASTER
125Bobadilla, Suzannen/aSM City OlongapoGRANDMASTER
126Borbajo, Krizelle MaeUSCSM City CebuGRANDMASTER
127Chan, Arianne BeatriceUniversity of Sto. TomasSM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
128David, Mica Anne BoleynUP DilimanSM City Lipa BatangasGRANDMASTER
129Del Mundo, JoselitoZSESSM City LucenaGRANDMASTER
130Dy, Natalia Beatricen/aSM BacolodGRANDMASTER
131Go, Angela JoyUSCSM City CebuGRANDMASTER
132Gonzales, Cristine MaeHoly Cross of Davao CollegeSM City DavaoGRANDMASTER
133Huelar, Adriann/aSM BacolodGRANDMASTER
134Jamili, Kristine MaeUniv of South EasternSM City DavaoGRANDMASTER
135Jan Vincent A. SimbolBHC Educational Institutition IncSM RosalesGRANDMASTER
136Jolo, JersonMCSM City LucenaGRANDMASTER
137LADERAS, Krishyl A.Baguio City High SchoolBaguio City NHSGRANDMASTER
138LADERAS, Vic Jomar MBaguio City High SchoolBaguio City NHSGRANDMASTER
139Llagos Jr, RestitutoUniversity of Northern Phils ViganIlocos SurGRANDMASTER
140Machacon, Alecn/aSM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
141Malungcut, Kendrick Timothy T.n/aSM TarlacGRANDMASTER
142Maximo, Kristine Danielle UPSM City Baliuag BulacanGRANDMASTER
143Ong, Fredn/aSM BacolodGRANDMASTER
144Paul Jeremiah D. NaravalUP BaguioSM RosalesGRANDMASTER
145Poral, Neil PhillipDe la Salle UniversitySM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
146Reyes, JonathanUP DilimanSM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
147Roegen C RiveraLa Union National High SchoolSM RosalesGRANDMASTER
148Sagolili, Lyka TrishaFather Saturnino Urios UniSM City DavaoGRANDMASTER
149Salayong, RonanFELSM City LucenaGRANDMASTER
150Salvador, RochelleUSTSM City Baliuag BulacanGRANDMASTER
151Sarroza, Ralph Joshua P.SM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
152Shi, Hazel JoyCitibankSM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
153Solano, John Patrick F.n/aSM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
154Solidarios, Candice Renee BeatriceUP Rural HSSM City Lipa BatangasGRANDMASTER
155Suson, Farrah AngelicaIligan CityXavier University HSGRANDMASTER
156Taban, JosephUniversity of Northern Phils ViganIlocos SurGRANDMASTER
157Tio, DielleAteneo de Manila UniversitySM MarikinaGRANDMASTER
158TORRES, Angela Mari S.UP College BaguioBaguio City NHSGRANDMASTER
159Yap, Kathlyn Mae O.De la Salle UniversitySM MarikinaGRANDMASTER