MTG discloses Sudoku puzzlers for reg’l round

More than 700 Sudoku puzzlers from different regions so far have registered to participate in the 14th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) – Regional Round scheduled to be conducted at various MTG centers but mostly at different SM Malls this October. 

Since last year, the PSSC has used different brackets to classify entrants in order to align them to the international standard. Thus, the PSSC uses the following age groups: Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 15  and Over 15. 

Note: Those participants who registered to join the 14th PSSC yet their names are not in the list must inform the person-in-charge as immediately as possible and those who want to inquire about the said activity can do so at this email address,

Below are the names of participants with their assigned venues and contest dates and time:


  • North Luzon Participants will take Sudoku Regional Round in SM City Rosales.
  • SM City Naga participants will take Sudoku Regional Round in Naga Hope Christian School
  • SM City Bacolod participants will take Sudoku Regional Round in Trinity Christian School
  • SM City Olongapo/ SM City Pampanga participants will take Sudoku Regional Round in SM City Clark
Venue Contest Date Time
SM City Cagayan de Oro October 26, 2019 1:00 PM
SM City Clark October 26, 2019 10:30 AM
Trinity Christian School October 26, 2019 1:00 PM
SM City Rosales October 28, 2019  10:00 AM
Naga Hope Christian School November 10, 2019 8:00 AM
SM City Lucena November 16, 2019 1:00 pm

 NameLevelCategoryContest Venue
1Barcelona, Angelie FaithGrade 915&UNaga Hope Christian School
2Niebres, Gamliel JethGrade 715&UNaga Hope Christian School
3Picart, David KyleGrade 1015&UNaga Hope Christian School
4Rafallo, Blessy nicoleGrade 1015&UNaga Hope Christian School
5Roco, GwenGrade 1115&UNaga Hope Christian School
6Salazar, Rianna MarieGrade 715&UNaga Hope Christian School
7Santillan, Faith NatalieGrade 915&UNaga Hope Christian School
8Savilla, Jesse Rainier Jr.Grade 815&UNaga Hope Christian School
9VILLAREAL, WYSTANGrade 715&UNaga Hope Christian School
10Bañares, NaddineGrade 11O15/ANaga Hope Christian School
11Capistrano, Alliyah MaxineGrade 10O15/ANaga Hope Christian School
12Francia, RaisahGrade 10O15/ANaga Hope Christian School
13Nebres, Bianca DeniseGrade 11O15/ANaga Hope Christian School
14Niebres, GabrielleGrade 11O15/ANaga Hope Christian School
15Olesco, Kirsten LeniGrade 12O15/ANaga Hope Christian School
16Pellosis, MaryleneProfessionalO15/ANaga Hope Christian School
17Ardeña, James MartinGrade 3U10Naga Hope Christian School
18Badiola, Alan JoseGrade 3U10Naga Hope Christian School
19Cea, Ynna Ysabelle C.Grade 4U10Naga Hope Christian School
20Taduran, Dustin Daye S.Grade 3U10Naga Hope Christian School
21Alpaño, GinriqueGrade 5U12Naga Hope Christian School
22Alpaño, Ginrique V.Grade 5U12Naga Hope Christian School
23Facun, Ashley Shekylla V.Grade 6U12Naga Hope Christian School
24ABAD, ANIZA JURIS B.Grade 4U12Naga Hope Christian School
25ABRIOL, WILLARYGrade 2U8Naga Hope Christian School
26Ojeda, John ErickGrade 2U8Naga Hope Christian School
27Savilla, Niña CelestineGrade 2U8Naga Hope Christian School
28Abad, Jettryl MaeGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
29Albacete, Princess MayGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
30ALBARECE, JAINA AYUGrade 815&USM City Cagayan de Oro
31Alom, LeajaneGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
32Baroman, Jether NoelGrade 715&USM City Cagayan de Oro
33Baroman, Noelle SophieGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
34Cabeltes, Maria VictoriaGrade 815&USM City Cagayan de Oro
35Cahoy, Merheille PaulineGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
36Canomon, Romaxia AprilGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
37Capagngan, GwynethGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
38Cuaresma, Jeg ChristianGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
39ELIGAN, ANDREN MARIEGrade 615&USM City Cagayan de Oro
40Geraldino, XyzaGrade 715&USM City Cagayan de Oro
41Indino, Althea MayGrade 715&USM City Cagayan de Oro
42Macala, AliahGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
43Maraye, AbdurrazzaqGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
44Masbud, AbdulrahmanGrade 815&USM City Cagayan de Oro
45Maybituin, Hannah colyneeGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
46Merto, YeliseyevGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
47Novo, Ares ArrolGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
48Nuska, MohamidaGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
49Pandapatan, Mohamad HarisGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
50Rara, Ken Tex AaronGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
51Sangcopan, JaberGrade 1015&USM City Cagayan de Oro
52Sarip, AdliGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
53Tabbay, Shaneika TheaGrade 915&USM City Cagayan de Oro
54Amploquio, Bluey AdrianGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
55Asentista, Charl JhayGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
56auguis, russelGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
57Bagongon, RaymondGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
58Balibagon, Queenie MarieGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
59baroman, edithaProfessionalO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
60Baroman, Noelle GraceCollegeO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
61Canete, Nelia MaeGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
62Dago, Darwin CharlesProfessionalO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
63Dungog, Christian PaulGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
64Fabre, Christian DaleGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
65FRANCISCO, KATE LOUISEGrade 10O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
66Ganzan, RuthGrade 12O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
67Gare, BernadethGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
68H.Haron, Al-RajieGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
69Jao, Natasha MaeProfessionalO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
70Lapore, AngelaGrade 12O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
71Lasquite, NicholasCollegeO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
72Layno, AvegylGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
73Mama, JomariProfessionalO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
74Mariquit, MarjonGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
75Mariquit, MatjonGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
76Melendez, Princess JasbelleGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
77Mende, Catherine JoyGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
78Olino, ShaenaCollegeO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
79Ranoco, Win HeartGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
80Salvador, Ralph GuianGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
81Sarip, AsmenGrade 12O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
82sarip, mohammadGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
83Sarip, OmarGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
84SARIP, RyanGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
85Sio, Zoe NicoleCollegeO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
86Valmoria, JoshuaGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
87WABAN, MARK NIÑoCollegeO15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
88Zamora, John GilGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
89Maca-ayan, Mohammad WahariGrade 10O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
90Mariquit, MarjonGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
91Mariquit, MatjonGrade 11O15/ASM City Cagayan de Oro
92Mamutuk, Alan NageenaGrade 5U10SM City Cagayan de Oro
93Ratunil, Vin OswaldGrade 4U10SM City Cagayan de Oro
94Salvacion, Lance ZacharyGrade 5U10SM City Cagayan de Oro
95Estillore, Kriztine JoyceGrade 6U12SM City Cagayan de Oro
96Valdez, Dave SeanGrade 6U12SM City Cagayan de Oro
97CANETE, RYLEE KIELGrade 1U8SM City Cagayan de Oro
98Mamutuk, Aqeel NikolaiGrade 2U8SM City Cagayan de Oro
99Acasio, RozjelGrade 615&USM City Clark
100Castro, KristineGrade 915&USM City Clark
101Concepcion, BenjaminGrade 815&USM City Clark
102Concepcion, BennidickGrade 915&USM City Clark
103Dela Cruz, Allieson SephGrade 715&USM City Clark
104Dungca, JayveeGrade 1015&USM City Clark
105EBBAY, RIA BETTINAGrade 915&USM City Clark
107Gonzales, MaritoniGrade 915&USM City Clark
108Guanlao, Mia CoretteGrade 1015&USM City Clark
109Kristel Joy, PalarcaGrade 1015&USM City Clark
110MAGNO, LUZZIA DOROTHYGrade 815&USM City Clark
111Manansala, RegineGrade 715&USM City Clark
112Manuel, Jessy JewelGrade 815&USM City Clark
113Marimla, Ralph MehtGrade 1015&USM City Clark
114Maritoni, GonzalesGrade 915&USM City Clark
115Nipas, Christine AngelaGrade 1015&USM City Clark
116Ocampo, ArwenaGrade 815&USM City Clark
117Pablo, Paul AdrianGrade 915&USM City Clark
118Palarca, Kristel JoyGrade 1015&USM City Clark
119PANEDA, CHRISEL LEIGrade 915&USM City Clark
120Panlaqui, LouisGrade 915&USM City Clark
121Perez, Bernadine AngelGrade 1015&USM City Clark
122Sion, Sarah ElisabethGrade 1015&USM City Clark
123Sison, AngelGrade 615&USM City Clark
124Tiamzon, AndyGrade 815&USM City Clark
125Tolentino, MarielGrade 915&USM City Clark
126Acuna, GeraldineGrade 11O15/ASM City Clark
127Arthur, Donna Marie ElizabethGrade 10O15/ASM City Clark
128Canda, AmyProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
130Concepcion, BernadetteGrade 11O15/ASM City Clark
131De Guzman, FrederickGrade 10O15/ASM City Clark
132Del Rosario, LeaGrade 11O15/ASM City Clark
133Delos Reyes, Ghen RiezelGrade 12O15/ASM City Clark
134Despi, EmmanuelProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
135Diamzon, JannamariGrade 12O15/ASM City Clark
136Dimalaluan, BeaGrade 11O15/ASM City Clark
137enriquez, jhoerwin christianGrade 11O15/ASM City Clark
138ESPAÑOL, JUNALDProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
139Fernandez, MychelleProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
140Gregorio, JessicaProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
141Guinto, Jona RoseGrade 9O15/ASM City Clark
142Ignacio, Yohairra ChinaGrade 10O15/ASM City Clark
143Liwanag, LorenProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
144Mabalot, MarianneProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
145Manansala, CatherineGrade 10O15/ASM City Clark
146Maricar, BernabeProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
147Muñoz, MilesCollegeO15/ASM City Clark
148Pinsoy, Ayessah LoraGrade 11O15/ASM City Clark
149rivatez, carlaGrade 12O15/ASM City Clark
150Sison, PrescielProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
151Surdarlingam, CharieProfessionalO15/ASM City Clark
152Turingan, Chenzhen Flerson D.Grade 11O15/ASM City Clark
153Vazquez, Honey LouiseGrade 10O15/ASM City Clark
154rivatez, carlaGrade 12O15/ASM City Clark
155De Vera, Prince RJ SilverGrade 4U10SM City Clark
156Deveraturda, Lucas MarionGrade 4U10SM City Clark
157EBBAY, RAYMARK SIMONGrade 3U10SM City Clark
158Fernandez, Princess BhellaGrade 3U10SM City Clark
159Malay, Rylee JiahnnaGrade 4U10SM City Clark
160Munez, Calvin EinzeGrade 3U10SM City Clark
161Nobleza, Adrian XhaidenGrade 3U10SM City Clark
162Reyes, Alexis NicoleGrade 4U10SM City Clark
163Reyes, JeremiahGrade 4U10SM City Clark
165Antonio, Ma. Kyla DeniseGrade 6U12SM City Clark
166Arcega, XairylleGrade 6U12SM City Clark
167Basobas, AlessandraGrade 6U12SM City Clark
168Bolaños, Ralph BenedictGrade 5U12SM City Clark
169Calica, Io Aristotle NikolaiGrade 5U12SM City Clark
170Custodio, Hannah MelodyGrade 6U12SM City Clark
171ESPAÑOL, JUNES IANGrade 6U12SM City Clark
172Fernandez, Prince Eduard MhytchellGrade 5U12SM City Clark
173Fernando, Lizette AdeliceGrade 6U12SM City Clark
174Jastiva, Mariel AnthonetteGrade 6U12SM City Clark
175Lariosa, Kirsten julyannaGrade 6U12SM City Clark
176MAGNO, JAN RADLEEGrade 6U12SM City Clark
177Ong, Marcus TristanGrade 5U12SM City Clark
178Pangan, Serg AnselGrade 6U12SM City Clark
179Reyes, Alexis NicoleGrade 4U12SM City Clark
180ROLDAN, PAUL JERICHOGrade 6U12SM City Clark
181Santos, Airen CejayGrade 6U12SM City Clark
182Supan, Alexia CarmelaGrade 5U12SM City Clark
183TARUC, JAEDON ALECKGrade 5U12SM City Clark
184Torres, Sherlyn CharlotteGrade 5U12SM City Clark
185Vasquez, Dru DarrellGrade 6U12SM City Clark
186Antonio, Ma. Kyla DeniseGrade 6U12SM City Clark
187De Vera, Princess MoniqueGrade 1U8SM City Clark
188Gregorio, EdralynGrade 2U8SM City Clark
189Reyno, Ed ZakiGrade 2U8SM City Clark
190rivarez, carlaGrade 12O15/ASM City Clark
192Delos Reyes, Ghen RiezelGrade 12O15/ASM City Clark
193Diamzon, JannamariGrade 12O15/ASM City Clark
194Lao, Laureano IIIGrade 6U12SM City Clark
195Ong, Marcus TristanGrade 5U12SM City Clark
196BELLEZA, RALPH UZZXYLLGrade 815&USM City Iloilo
197Chu, Hannah LexineGrade 1015&USM City Iloilo
198Doromal, Reysheil AnneGrade 715&USM City Iloilo
199Sajonia, Jorina MarieGrade 1015&USM City Iloilo
200SARGADO, J IahGrade 915&USM City Iloilo
201SIO, MEGAN MARIEGrade 915&USM City Iloilo
202Tunguia, Sophia KirstenGrade 615&USM City Iloilo
203Tunguia, Sophia KirstenGrade 615&USM City Iloilo
204BELLEZA, RALPH UZZXYLLGrade 815&USM City Iloilo
205Agustino, John HaroldCollegeO15/ASM City Iloilo
206Bernadas, Daphne ShawnCollegeO15/ASM City Iloilo
207Cadion, Raydah JoProfessionalO15/ASM City Iloilo
208Lagasca, Maikee TamaraCollegeO15/ASM City Iloilo
209Marimon, JaneCollegeO15/ASM City Iloilo
210Muñoz, Mark DominiqueGrade 12O15/ASM City Iloilo
212Caroto, Xavier MiguelGrade 3U10SM City Iloilo
213CASPE, JIANNAH ELLAGrade 3U10SM City Iloilo
214Caspe, Jiannah EllaGrade 3U10SM City Iloilo
216Inate, Aleqxa DjeanaGrade 4U10SM City Iloilo
217Loretizo, Chareign KateGrade 3U10SM City Iloilo
218Marcellana, MarrianeGrade 3U10SM City Iloilo
219Que, Alexis JaneGrade 4U10SM City Iloilo
220SARGADO, J IRAHGrade 4U10SM City Iloilo
221WONG, CALICA BEATRIZGrade 3U10SM City Iloilo
222Aquinto, JHOMELGrade 6U12SM City Iloilo
223Cadion, Jared EmmanuelGrade 5U12SM City Iloilo
224Cordero, Ma.Glaiza FaeGrade 5U12SM City Iloilo
225Cristobal, Maria SamanthaGrade 5U12SM City Iloilo
226Lorea, Levi Meneleo Jr.Grade 4U12SM City Iloilo
227Loretizo, Rezh BerniceGrade 6U12SM City Iloilo
228Mediavilla, KarlGrade 4U12SM City Iloilo
229Panerio, Julian MilesGrade 6U12SM City Iloilo
230Sajorne, Heineken JoyceGrade 6U12SM City Iloilo
231Trestiza, Ian LaurenceGrade 5U12SM City Iloilo
232YAP, MARC ADRIANGrade 6U12SM City Iloilo
234Chua, Panfilo JacoboGrade 2U8SM City Iloilo
235Pama, KelvinGrade 1U8SM City Iloilo
236Pranger, Matt DanielGrade 2U8SM City Iloilo
237Reyno, Ed ZakiGrade 2U8SM City Iloilo
238Tseng, Paolo MiguelGrade 1U8SM City Iloilo
239Zhen, VictorGrade 1U8SM City Iloilo
240Bautista, Evan JedricGrade 715&USM City Lipa
241Borromeo, John Rafael NashGrade 715&USM City Lipa
242Domine, AnnaGrade 715&USM City Lipa
243Nable, Yvan AngeloGrade 615&USM City Lipa
244Solis, Minerva MayGrade 815&USM City Lipa
245Tadamasa, JulianneGrade 715&USM City Lipa
246Arcillas, Ana CarmelaProfessionalO15/ASM City Lipa
247Arcillas, Ana CarmelaProfessionalO15/ASM City Lipa
248Berana, DoroteoProfessionalO15/ASM City Lipa
249Berana, DoroteoProfessionalO15/ASM City Lipa
250De Luna, Patrick NicholoProfessionalO15/ASM City Lipa
251Rey, Therese JanelleCollegeO15/ASM City Lipa
252Sario, Bryan AnthonyProfessionalO15/ASM City Lipa
253Solidarios, Candice Renee BeatriceCollegeO15/ASM City Lipa
254Fabreag, Jahred DeusGrade 3U10SM City Lipa
255Marundan, Leoj Jaden RyleighGrade 3U10SM City Lipa
256Riva, ZachariahGrade 3U10SM City Lipa
257Domine, AnnaGrade 7U12SM City Lipa
258Estramera, John CedrickGrade 5U12SM City Lipa
259Manalo, Iainna Jeanne MarieGrade 6U12SM City Lipa
260Nable, Abrahm JoshGrade 5U12SM City Lipa
261Solis, Minerva MayGrade 815&USM City Lipa
262DE ROSAS, JHACELLProfessionalO15/ASM City Lipa
263Riva, ZachariahGrade 3U10SM City Lipa
264Marundan, Leoj Jaden RyleighGrade 3U10SM City Lipa
265Adlaon, Kyla AndreaGrade 1015&USM City Lucena
266Sumande, Xandrei HowellGrade 715&USM City Lucena
267Adlaon, Kate AnneProfessionalO15/ASM City Lucena
268Sarahan, Prince NeezhelGrade 11O15/ASM City Lucena
269Tadiosa, Kriz DianneGrade 11O15/ASM City Lucena
270Solidarios, Kiersten Reese BerniceGrade 4U10SM City Lucena
271Ang, Vince DexterGrade 1015&USM City Marikina
272Brasileno, Mykha AvegailGrade 1015&USM City Marikina
273Chan, Sean AustinGrade 1015&USM City Marikina
274Domingo, GedelouGrade 1015&USM City Marikina
275Embuscado, AudricGrade 815&USM City Marikina
276Estrada, DarrenGrade 915&USM City Marikina
277GAN, KASHIEU GABRIELLEGrade 615&USM City Marikina
278Mayao, Sean wayneGrade 715&USM City Marikina
279Natividad, Abigail DeniseGrade 815&USM City Marikina
280Odeña, Irish BeaGrade 915&USM City Marikina
281Quezon, DaphnieGrade 1015&USM City Marikina
282Seniel, GernalouGrade 715&USM City Marikina
283Shi, Chun YangGrade 1015&USM City Marikina
284Yulo, Benito AndreGrade 815&USM City Marikina
285Balagtas, TheaProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
286Bentoles, John JoshuaProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
287Berin, Julia JamesGrade 11O15/ASM City Marikina
288Boras, MichelleProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
289Cardinal, Joel EdwardProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
290Carmen, Chabie CharlsGrade 12O15/ASM City Marikina
291Castro, JayechrisGrade 11O15/ASM City Marikina
292Chan, Arianne BeatriceProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
293Chua, Aivan JarellCollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
294Compasivo, Mary JoyGrade 11O15/ASM City Marikina
295Denaya, MelissaCollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
296Estolatan, RyanProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
297Flores, Haryana IrisGrade 11O15/ASM City Marikina
298Gapiza, MichelleProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
299Gindoy, BryanGrade 10O15/ASM City Marikina
300Gonzales, Andres Rico IIIGrade 12O15/ASM City Marikina
301LICLICAN, ANDREI JANESACollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
302LICLICAN, MARIZALProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
303LICLICAN, SEPHI MARZCollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
304Palma, Raphael JohnProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
305PARRA, MA. LEIBNIZ CHARISSE D.Grade 12O15/ASM City Marikina
306Poral, Neil PhillipCollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
307Pullan, Hazel AnneProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
308Ramos, Elyza NicoleCollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
309Sarrosa, Ralph JoshuaProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
310Shi, Charles JustinGrade 12O15/ASM City Marikina
311Simbol, Jan VincentCollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
312Solano, John PatrickProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
313Tan, Highryll CJCollegeO15/ASM City Marikina
314Tan, TeddyProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
315Tieng, LaraGrade 12O15/ASM City Marikina
316Tubiera, SharmaineProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
317Uy, Hance LouieGrade 11O15/ASM City Marikina
318Yap, MarieProfessionalO15/ASM City Marikina
319Boholst, Reich ErosGrade 4U10SM City Marikina
320Cadano, Krenz MarkkaGrade 3U10SM City Marikina
321Querubin, Lanz Cholo NicolaiGrade 4U10SM City Marikina
322Alcera, MikyllaGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
323Awingan, Elisha KharylGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
324CAGAYAN, AYEISHAGrade 5U12SM City Marikina
325Coprada, Sophie LexineGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
326Espinosa, Princess DaniellaGrade 5U12SM City Marikina
327Estella, Polar BryanGrade 5U12SM City Marikina
328Fernandez, Angela ReigneGrade 7U12SM City Marikina
329Go, Junky XavierGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
330Javier, YurikoGrade 5U12SM City Marikina
331Locsin, JayveeGrade 5U12SM City Marikina
332Lofamia, Rhensis BenedictGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
333Loro, Charity LoisGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
334Ochoa, Princess NaomiGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
335Parac, HarvieGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
336Saniel, Jean claireGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
337Vallo, CharlesGrade 5U12SM City Marikina
338VENIEGAS, ROCKY ANDRIEGrade 6U12SM City Marikina
339Cardinal, Joaquin EdwardGrade 1U8SM City Marikina
340Cardinal, Joaquin EdwardGrade 1U8SM City Marikina
341Bautista, ClydeGrade 1015&USM City Rosales
342Bustos, Martin LorenzoGrade 1015&USM City Rosales
344Costales, Jomico MarcusGrade 1015&USM City Rosales
345Costales, Joven AugustusGrade 715&USM City Rosales
346Flores, Khelvin cyrilGrade 715&USM City Rosales
347Flores, Patricia Mei LaraGrade 615&USM City Rosales
348Malinao, Yvonne LoreinGrade 815&USM City Rosales
349Manicad, James RazelGrade 1015&USM City Rosales
350Nonan, Chrice JulienneGrade 1015&USM City Rosales
351Pacada, Jesse NeilGrade 715&USM City Rosales
352Pacleb, Ma. TheresaGrade 915&USM City Rosales
353Rocaberte, John JeremyGrade 715&USM City Rosales
354Tumbaga, CarloGrade 1015&USM City Rosales
355Villosillo, SuzianneGrade 715&USM City Rosales
356Abansi, Kasler DellGrade 12O15/ASM City Rosales
357Aduan, John AaronGrade 12O15/ASM City Rosales
358Alimpi, Christian kiethGrade 11O15/ASM City Rosales
359Alquiza, Justine MylesProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
360Bautista, Erika PatriceCollegeO15/ASM City Rosales
361CACDAC, BYRONProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
362CALUBAYAN, PERLITO JRProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
363Catalan, Frank JoshuaGrade 12O15/ASM City Rosales
364De Guzman, Giada MerellaGrade 11O15/ASM City Rosales
365Dy, Bernabe IIIGrade 10O15/ASM City Rosales
366Laderas, MelissaGrade 11O15/ASM City Rosales
367Lagria, Vhiene PatriceCollegeO15/ASM City Rosales
369Naraval, Paul JeremiahProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
370Nobleza, GerleneGrade 12O15/ASM City Rosales
371Palara, Mary JaneProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
372Peran, Arnna Lyn RoseGrade 11O15/ASM City Rosales
373rapanut, juvenalProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
374Rivera, GalaxyGrade 12O15/ASM City Rosales
375Taban, JosephProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
376Talla, MarcoCollegeO15/ASM City Rosales
377Naraval, Paul JeremiahProfessionalO15/ASM City Rosales
378Talla, MarcoCollegeO15/ASM City Rosales
379Bautista, Erika PatriceCollegeO15/ASM City Rosales
380Bautista, Erika PatriceCollegeO15/ASM City Rosales
381Abuan, Kenneth ExekielGrade 3U10SM City Rosales
382Rocaberte, SNIDERGrade 3U10SM City Rosales
383Roxas, RhianGrade 4U10SM City Rosales
384Sato, Juliana EliseGrade 3U10SM City Rosales
385VALDEZ, REI JAN ALBERTGrade 4U10SM City Rosales
386Viado, Sean KennethGrade 4U10SM City Rosales
387FABIA, ANDREI ZACHGrade 2U10SM City Rosales
388Serapion, Ynes LatishaGrade 4U10SM City Rosales
389Hermosura, Melen DyanneGrade 3U10SM City Rosales
390Hermosura, Melen DyanneGrade 3U10SM City Rosales
391Abuan, Keziah ElijahGrade 5U12SM City Rosales
392Altamirano, Zoe AneiraGrade 5U12SM City Rosales
393Aspillaga, BeatriceGrade 6U12SM City Rosales
394Isidro, Alyanna MhaeGrade 7U12SM City Rosales
395Ng, LeonaGrade 4U12SM City Rosales
396Panem, Precious Yza GemGrade 6U12SM City Rosales
397Rocaberte, TYR ERHICKGrade 5U12SM City Rosales
398Abuan, Keziah ElijahGrade 5U12SM City Rosales
400Malinao, ArabellaGrade 2U8SM City Rosales
401Viloria, Jermione VienneGrade 2U8SM City Rosales
402Serapion, Yvoe LiuduncanGrade 1U8SM City Rosales
403Didal, Mary MargaretteGrade 915&UTrinity Christian School
404Blanco, Edward GabrielGrade 3U10Trinity Christian School
405Calo-oy, Alliyah NicoleGrade 915&UTrinity Christian School
406Cervantes, Ronald JohnGrade 915&UTrinity Christian School
407Rongo, Alec NathanGrade 715&UTrinity Christian School
408Corral, Xyru AlecxisGrade 11O15/ATrinity Christian School
409Jocson, LorenaGrade 10O15/ATrinity Christian School
410Lee, Jessica NadineGrade 12O15/ATrinity Christian School
411Calo-oy, Abby Gayle NiñaGrade 3U10Trinity Christian School
412LOPINGCO, CAITLINGrade 4U10Trinity Christian School
413LOPINGCO, PETER JACOBGrade 3U10Trinity Christian School
414Uy, Robert HenrikGrade 3U10Trinity Christian School
415Credo, LarijohnGrade 4U12Trinity Christian School
416Juachon, Renzo AntoniñoGrade 2U8Trinity Christian School