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14th PSSC goes on as scheduled

The 14th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge will go on as scheduled in 4F The Annex, SM City North Edsa on Saturday February 8, 2020. 

In the interest of public health, all participants must exercise due diligence and take precautionary measures by wearing face mask and by bringing alcohol or hand sanitizer during the activity.

The participants/coaches/parents are reminded of the following:

  1. Registration time starts at 8:00AM.
  2. Since SM North EDSA opens for business at 10 AM, and the registration starts at 8:00AM, you may use the RDU Entrance (employees entrance) leading to the car park. Please bring your school/company ID for easy identification and admission.
  3. The opening program starts at 10AM and the competition follows immediately.

Please be guided. 

Bagsic, Limsiy and Yao champ the 9th PSSC

Sudoku finalist4What started as a relaxed gathering of people with a shared interest turned into an adrenaline-filled competition of two hundred ten finalists showcasing their Sudoku skills in front of a crowd of supporters, shoppers and spectators during the 9th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) held on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at the Skydome, SM City North EDSA, in Quezon City.

This year’s number puzzles, which added up to 27, were far more difficult than they were in the previous years. Some of the never-heard puzzles include 6 X 6 Star Product Sudoku, Property Sudoku, Position Sudoku, Prime Sudoku, Missing 8 and 9 Sudoku, Pyramid Sudoku, Halved-Square Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku and Mega Sudoku, to mention a few. All were supposed to be answered within two hours and 35 minutes.

The winners of the 9th PSSC are as follow:

01_Whizkid Winners


Sudoku Whiz Kid School
Champion Albriz Moore Bagsic Lilyrose School, Tanauan
1st Runner – up Kirsten Dominique Chan Bayanihan Institute
2nd runner – up Kyla Andrea Adlaon International School for Better Beginnings
3rd runner – up Robert Frederick Uy St. John’s Institute, Bacolod
4th runner – up Ronn Derick Simbol BHC Educational Institute, Inc, Tarlac

01_Wizard Winners

Sudoku Wizard School
Champion Gerrick Spencer Limsiy Grace Christian College, Quezon City
1st   Runner – up Bryan Russel S. Esperanza St. Loius University High School
2nd   runner – up Simbol, Jan Vincent BHC Educational Institute, Inc.
3rd   runner – up Yu, Jonathan Condrad Philippine Christian Gospel School
4th   runner – up Raymund Carlo Masbaño St. John’s Institute, Bacolod

01_Grandmaster Winners

Sudoku Grandmaster School/Office
Champion Kaye Janelle Yao Grace Christian College
1st Runner – up Alvin Ian Chan Ateneo De Manila University
2nd runner – up Natalia Beatrice Dy St. John’s Institute, Bacolod
3rd runner – up Joel Edward Cardinal Team Pacific
4th runner – up Ralph Joshua Sarroza University of the Philippines

The 9th PSSC had been made more special by the presence of some guests, SM North EDSA Mall manager, Mr. Simon Ong, owner of David Tea House, Ms. Elaine Chong and Ms. Annie Sy, President and General Secretary of Philippine Chinese General Restaurant Association, Inc., respectively

The biggest contributing factors for the success of the 9th PSSC were the following sponsors: SM Supermalls, SM North EDSA, Skydome, Phoenix Publishing House, Inc., David Tea House, SHARP Calculators, Vital 1 Purified Mineral Water, Philippine Star, Skyworth Travel Agency, and Zamboanga Today.



The Sudoku craze has become an epidemic. It has not only contaminated US and Japan but it has also swept the world by infecting much of Europe, Australia and Asia. Sudoku craze suddenly spreads around the world. Its popularity has claimed permanence in major newspapers, magazines and journals in many countries, supplying the cravings of enthusiasts who found themselves hooked in this consuming passion with this number puzzle.

As the world felt the intense fever of this math-free puzzle, Philippines was a bit heedless for its impact had not seeped into the interest of many Filipinos. Sudoku had been on pages of tabloids and journals, may be for several months but not years, yet it had remained unmatched against riddles and crossword puzzles. Indeed, Sudoku came and many saw it, yet only very few conquered it, thus the struggling years of the number puzzle…