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Open for Registration – 13th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge

Winners of every category in the National Finals have a chance to represent our country in the following International Sudoku contests:

• 2019 World Sudoku Championship in Kirchheim (Germany)

• 2019 BRAND’S® SUDOKU Thailand International Open Princess Somsawali Cup in Thailand

• 2019 Beijing International Sudoku Tournament (BIST), Beijing, China

• 2019 Asia Sudoku Championship (ASC)


Sudoku challenge can lead Filipino Sudoku puzzlers into an exciting opportunity as MTG Philippines says yes to the call of the Chinese Sudoku Association to send participants to the 2018 China Youth Sudoku Championships which will be held in Beijing, Chinafrom August 9 to 12, 2018.

The MTG Philippines is inviting interested Sudoku puzzlers whether they are PSSC national winners or not to join the aforesaid contest provided they are qualified to be participants in any of the following four (4) divisions:

a) Under 8 (Born after January 1, 2010)

b) Under 10 (Born between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009)

c) Under 12 (Born between January 1 2006 and December 31, 2007)

d) Under 18(Born between January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2005)

The objectives of conducting “2018 China Youth Sudoku Championship” are to increase the popularity of Sudoku among youngsters, develop their ability to analyze and solve problems. 

Mr. Zhang Haijun, secretary general of the Chinese Sudoku Association, said that that the puzzle tournament is regulated and follows the rules and guidelines of the world championship. He further revealed the puzzles that participants in each division will solve.

Under 8

Under 10

Under 12

Under 18

4×4 Mini Sudoku

6×6 Mini Sudoku

Standard Sudoku

6×6 Dots-Kropki Sudoku

6×6 Mini Sudoku

9X9 Diagonal Sudoku

9×9 Diagonal Sudoku

6x6Skyscrapers Sudoku

Standard Sudoku

Standard Sudoku

9×9 Product Sudoku

9×9 Standard Sudoku

5×5 Irregular Sudoku

9×9 Odd Sudoku

7×7 Irregular Sudoku

9×9 Diagonal Sudoku

6×6 Diagonal Sudoku

6×6 Irregular Sudoku

6×6 Consecutive Sudoku

9×9 Irregular Sudoku

6×6 Consecutive Sudoku

6×6 Killer Sudoku

9×9 Killer Sudoku

6×6 Killer Sudoku

6×6 Irregular Sudoku

9×9 Consecutive Sudoku

9×9 Anti-Chess Sudoku

Interested participants must send their confirmation of participation through this email address,  with this subject header, “Joining China Sudoku” not later than Friday, June 15, 2018.

In addition, the MTG will conduct a half-day Sudoku training for prospective participants in order to familiarize them with the puzzles in every division and to sharpen their speed and accuracy abilities.

UP Rural High School student conquers 12th Philippine Sudoku finals

Candice Renee Beatrice Solidarios, of the University of the Philippines (UP) Rural High School in Bay, Laguna won as the Philippines’ Sudoku Grand Master as she was declared champion in the Grand Master Category during the 12th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) national finals held at Skydome, SM North EDSA, Quezon City last January 27, 2018.

Besides Solidarios who received P60,000 for her feat, others who won in the Grand Master category are: Errol John Suarez of University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, first runner-up with P40,000; Alec Pius Machacon of AXA, second runner-up with P20,000; Ralph Joshua Sarrosa, third runner-up; and Sed Anderson Holaysan of Lexmark, fourth runner-up.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Conrad Yu, of the Philippine Christian Gospel School in Cebu City won as champion and received P50,000 in the Wizard Category for high school students.

Declared as first runner-up with P30,000 prize was Kirsten Dominique Chan of Bayanihan Institute. She was followed by John Joseph Gabata of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, second runner-up who got P20,000; Jan Vincent Simbol of De La Salle University Integrated School, third runner-up; and Marc Kendrick Lim of Parada National High School, fourth runner-up.

Equally reaping honors for herself was Louisa Jean Cabugao of Akle Elementary School in Bulacan who won as champion and received P20, 000 in the Whiz Kid Category for elementary students.

Rounding up the winners’ circle are: Angela Mae Gabriel of Sabang Elementary School, first runner-up with P10,000; Hailey Leanne Chu of Hua Siong College of Iloilo, second runner-up with P5,000; Matthew Kenzie Rasines of Philippine Christian Gospel School, third runner-up; and Jether Baroman of Tambo Central School, fourth runner-up.

A total of 151 students competed in this year’s PSSC national finals: Grand Master Category (30), Wizard Category (82), and Whiz Kid Category (39).

This year’s PSSC was made possible by the following co-organizers SM North EDSA, The Skydome, SHARP Calculators and Philippine Star and by the following sponsors: Phoenix Publishing House, SIB Publishing House, David’s Tea House, Royal Garden Restaurant, Vital 1 Purified Drinking Water and Zamboanga Today.


120+ Regional Winners Confirmed & Ready for 12PSSC

About one hundred thirty regional Sudoku winners made a swift and sure declaration to participate in the 12th Philippine Sudoku super Challenge (PSSC) which will be held at The Skydome, SM North EDSA in Quezon City on Saturday, January 27, 2018. Registration starts from 8:00am to 9:00am. Contest starts at 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Making it against time to beat the confirmation deadline, one hundred twenty-four Sudoku puzzlers, now considered as official national finalists, will come face to face with their equals as they vie for the top five titles of the following categories: Sudoku Whiz Kid (Elementary Level), Sudoku Wizard (High School Level) and Sudoku Grand Master (Collegiate and Professional Level).

Other than this year’s declared PSSC regional champs, last year’s 11th PSSC top 5 national winners of every category, if they confirmed their participation, are considered official national finalists as well. Other regional winners who failed to beat the confirmation deadline are deemed uninterested participants, therefore, they are regarded as not official national finalists. The Organizer strongly prohibits walk-in participants. 

The 12th PSSC national finalists will solve around 20 to 25 puzzles in 6th rounds in approximately 2 hours in 30 minutes.  Some of the puzzles are Frame Consecutive Sudoku, Non Consecutive Diagonal Sudoku, Odd/Even Twodoku, Outside Sudoku, Asterisk Sudoku, Addoku, Wordoku, Sudoku 3 Mixed, Tricky Tridoku, Killer Uncaged Sudoku, Triple Multi Loco Sudoku and Jumbo 3D Sudoku.

Furthermore, national finalists from the Visayas, Mindanao and those from Luzon with more than 5- hour travel time to Manila can avail of the FREE accommodationCoaches and accompanying persons are not included in this accommodation sponsorship.

To give the participants the idea of the types of puzzles for the national finals, the Philippine Board of Studies Foundation has released the Sudoku Variation, Series 12, an ideal booklet for practice and preparation for the contest.

To make your order, please look for

The organizer reiterates that the top three winners of every category, winning the cash prizes, will have to agree through a waiver allowing the organizer to keep the money for the participants for their plane tickets and other travel expenses abroad as they represent the Philippines in Sudoku and puzzle competitions.

1Concepcion, BernadetteBayanihan InstituteWizard
2Tabago, GavinBayanihan InstituteWizard
3Su, JohannaBayanihan InstituteWizard
4Nacion, MarielBurot Integrated SchoolWhizkid
5Calma, John EricPhil Science High SchoolWizard
6Cheng, WarenSPCISWhizkid
7Go, Eunice Faye SPCISWhizkid
8Maligsay, KynnPhil Science High SchoolWhizkid
9Alquiza, Justine MylesUSTGrandmaster
10Chan, Alvin IanNewbornGrandmaster
11Hayag, EdjayPhil Science High SchoolWizard
12Lasquite, NicholasPhil Science High SchoolWizard
13Maraye, AbdurrazzagPhilippine Science High School- CMCWizard
14Olino, Shaena J.Phil Science High SchoolWizard
15Baroman, Jether Tambo Central SchoolWhizkid
16Jao, Natasha MaeGrandmaster
17Holaysan, Sed AndersonLexmarkGrandmaster
18Abellanosa, John LorencePCGSWhizkid
19Chan, Therese ChristiCECWhizkid
20Dacula, KayeCECWhizkid
21Holaysan, AlessandraBethanyWhizkid
22Lee, Jonghun (Justin Lee)PCGSWhizkid
23Rasines, Mathew KenziePCGSWhizkid
24Ang, Ralh GabrielCECWizard
25Co, Kathleen ClaireCECWizard
26Creus, Elena RuthUSC-SouthWizard
27Dellera, Guen ChristineCECWizard
28Duterte, Rani LaurenCECWizard
29Go, Desiree ReginePCGSWizard
30Gonzales, RosenetteCECWizard
31Lim, RenisePCGSWizard
32Mendoza, Cassey PaulineCECWizard
33Misa, Rod JeffersonCECWizard
34Misa, Raisa JoanneCECWizard
35Ng, Haidee meiCECWizard
36Oga, Francis NicoliCECWizard
37Ong, Peaquet AndersonPCGSWizard
38Piscadero, James LloydCECWizard
39Salcedo, Vince MartinUSC-SouthWizard
40Taganas, Kyle NicholasCECWizard
41Tan, Cathline GayleCECWizard
42Tan, JoshuaPCGSWizard
43Trocio, Rj LaRosaCECWizard
44Ty, Marie LouiseCECWizard
45Tulo, Cedric JoelAssumption College Of DavaoWizard
46Piccio, Tom Manuel 0.PSHS - SMCWizard
47Nagaya, KristineOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizard
48Artiaga, MyleneAssumption College Of DavaoWizard
49Baluso, Eileen KimAssumption College Of DavaoWizard
50Casquejo, Janna DaveOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizard
51Corpuz, KobeOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizard
52Dela Rama, Rexie AnnSta. Ana National High SchoolWizard
53Fernandez, Charlyn Assumption College Of DavaoWizard
54Galindo, ChristianOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizard
55Macaraeg, Charles Lawrence University Of MindanaoWizard
56Gonzales, Christine Mae S.United Methodist School Of DavaoGrandmaster
57Jamili, Kristine MaeUniversity Of MindanaoGrandmaster
58Dayola, Angel GraceUniversity Of MindanaoGrandmaster
59Ihalas, Jondel S.Our Lady Of Fatima AcademyGrandmaster
60Artiaga, Irene JaneAssumption College Of DavaoWhizkid
61Bagsic, Albriz MoorePhilippine Science High School MainWizard
62Masbaño, Raymund CarloSt. John's InstituteWizard
63Sargado, J IahPhilippine Science High SchoolWizard
64Chu, Hailey LeanneHua Siong College Of IloiloWhizkid
65Perez, Ma. Carmela I.ISBBWizard
66Abrencillo, Azzedine H.ISBBWizard
67Marino, James Wincel P.PSHS-CbzrcWizard
68Tadiosa, Kriz Dianne MCWizard
69Adlaon, Kyla AndreaISBBWizard
70Solidarios, Candice Renee BeatriceUp Rural High SchoolGrandmaster
71Salayong, Ronan R.Paaralang Elem. Ng LucbanGrandmaster
72Arcillas, Ana CarmelaRCBCGrandmaster
73Adlaon, Kate AnneDLSUGrandmaster
74Chan, RaffyDe La Salle University ManilaGrandmaster
75Chua, Aivan JarellDe La Salle University ManilaGrandmaster
76Sarrosa, Ralph JoshuaGrandmaster
77Surdarlingam, CharieNestle Philippines Inc.Grandmaster
78Estolatan, RyanKapitolyo High SchoolGrandmaster
79Ho, ShannonDe La Salle University - ManilaWizard
80Simbol, Jan VincentDe La Salle University Integrated School ManilaWizard
81Tieng, LaraF. Torres High SchoolWizard
82Parra, Ma. Leibniz CharisseSt. Paul College, PasigWizard
83Seniel, Maria KristineSilangan Elementary SchoolWhizkid
84Chua, JosephGrandmaster
85Ong, FredBacolod Capitol Hill Land Development CorpGrandmaster
86Jocson, Raldz LorenWizard
87Yulo, Jeniña ClaireUniversity of Negros Occidental-RecoletosWizard
88Rongo, Alec NathanSt. John's Institute, Bacolod CityWhizkid
89Cristle A. BatallaPadre Gregorio Crisostomo Integrated SchoolGrandmaster
90Maria Alaine EsmillaPadre Gregorio Crisostomo Integrated SchoolWhizkid
91Myla Sp. SorianoMayapyap National High SchoolWizard
92Azel Rae D. AlasBHC Educational Institutions, IncWhizkid
93Kasler Dell O. AbansiBHC Educational Institutions, IncWizard
94Medenilla, GabrielGrandmaster
95Marcaida, MikhaelaManila Science High SchoolWizard
96Rey, Therese JanelleSouth Hill School Inc.Wizard
97Gabriel, Angela Mae BSabang Elementary SchoolWhizkid
98Cabugao, Louisa Jean B.Akle Elementary SchoolWhizkid
99Lim, Marc Kendrick A.Parada National High SchoolWizard
100Buo, Daphnee O.Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc.Wizard
101Wing, Jonathan A.Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc.Wizard
102Penullar, Kathleen GabrielKalalake Elementary School- CENTEXWhizkid
103Manuel, Jessy JewelSpecial Education Center for the GiftedWhizkid
104Custodio, Joshua AllenKALALAKE ELEM. SCHOOL - CENTER of EXCELLENCEWhizkid
105Melendrez, Romeo DaneRegional Science High School IIIWizard
106De Guzman, Frederick Wizard
107Despi, EmmanuelGrandmaster
108De Guzman, Aaron D.Lolomboy National High SchoolWizard
109De Jesus, Mark Emerson G.DYCIWizard
110Eugenio, Mary Jane E.DYCIWizard
111Maximo, Kian GabrielSt. Mary's College Of BaliuagWizard
112Yuga, Angela A.DYCIWizard
113Bayas, Christian D.AKLE ESWizard
114Carpio, Denise V.DYCIWizard
115JOHN JOSEPH GABATADr. Yanga's Colleges, Inc. (DYCI)Wizard
116RED ROBLESDr. Yanga's Colleges, Inc. (DYCI)Wizard
117ROEVIN DELA RAMADr. Yanga's Colleges, Inc. (DYCI)Wizard
118Jonathan Conrad G. Yuhilippine Christian Gospel SchoolWizard
120Kirsten Dominique S. ChanWizard
121Alec Pius MachaconGrandmaster
122Gerrick Spencer C. LimsiyAteneo de Manila UniversityGrandmaster
123March M. De BelenBDOGrandmaster
124Chan, Enzo Rafael S. Wizard

Sudoku variations series 12 launched

The participants of the 12th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) can now sneak a look at the similar puzzles to come out in the PSSC national finals which will be held at SM North EDSA on January 27, 2018.

The MTG Philippines, a member of the World Puzzle Federation has launched the Series 12 Compilations of Sudoku Variations which presents the type of Sudoku puzzles that will appear in the national finals of the 12th PSSC.

The latest series flaunts twenty-two kinds of Sudoku puzzles of which eight are definitely new to push one’s expertise to the limit and even beyond the limit. The new Sudoku puzzles in this series are Frame Consecutive Sudoku, Addoku, Tricky Tridoku, Irregular Sudoku Mix, Diagonal Odd Sudoku Mix, Asterisk Sudoku, Killer Uncaged Sudoku and Jumbo 3D Sudoku.

The puzzles are perfect to hone one’s skills in preparation for the forthcoming 12th PSSC and very ideal for those who train themselves to be future participants of the PSSC.

To make your order, please look for

National Finalists for the 12 PSSC revealed

More than 100 Sudoku puzzlers winning top places in the regional elimination round are counted among the national finalists of the 12th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (12th PSSC) which will be held at the Skydome, SM North EDSA in Quezon City on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

The qualifiers of the 12th PSSC national finals who come from the different regions in the Philippines will compete for the top five places of the following categories: Sudoku Master (Collegiate and Professional level), Sudoku Wizard (High School Level) and Sudoku Whiz Kid (Elementary Level). 

Joining the list of national finalists of the 12th PSSC are the top five winners of every category of the 11th PSSC. However, to be official participants, all must confirm their willingness to participate in the 12th PSSC at this email address, with the subject header, “Yes, 12th PSSC” on or before Friday, January 5, 2018.

Note: The top 5 national winners of each category of the 11th PSSC are automatically qualified to be national finalists of the 12th PSSC but also needs to confirm their willingness to participate at the email address provided above.

In addition, the national qualifiers are requested to provide the MTG contact person the following information:

  • Name:
  • Gender (sex):
  • Grade/year level (if student):
  • School/Company name:
  • Category (Whizkid / Wizard / Grandmaster):
  • Place/Venue of the Regional Elimination held:
  • Mobile contact number:
  • T-shirt size: (please refer to the file below)

Sudoku Tshirt-size Chart

The following are the partial regional winners invited to join the 12th PSSC national finals:


 NameSchoolCategoryElim Round Venue
1Concepcion, BernadetteBayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
2Tabago, GavinBayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
3Su, JohannaBayanihan InstituteWizardTarlac City
4Nacion, MarielBurot Integrated SchoolWhizkidTarlac City
5Calma, John ErickPhil Science High SchoolWhizkidIlocos Sur
6Cheng, WarenSPCISWhizkidIlocos Sur
7Go, Eunice Faye SPCISWhizkidIlocos Sur
8Maligsay, KynnPhil Science High SchoolWhizkidIlocos Sur
9Alquiza, Justine MylesUSTGrandmasterIlocos Sur
10Chan, Alvin IanNewbornGrandmasterIlocos Sur
11Hayag, EdjayPhil Science High SchoolWizardSm Pueblo De Oro Cdo
12Lasquite, NicholasPhil Science High SchoolWizardSm Pueblo De Oro Cdo
13Maraye, AbdurrazzagWizardSm Pueblo De Oro Cdo
14Olino, Shaena J.Phil Science High SchoolWizardSm Pueblo De Oro Cdo
15Baroman, Jether Tambo Central SchoolWhizkidSm Pueblo De Oro Cdo
16Jao, Natasha MaeGrandmasterSm Pueblo De Oro Cdo
17Suson, Farrah AngelicaGrandmasterSm Pueblo De Oro Cdo
18Chua, AnnabelleUSP - FGrandmasterSm Seaside Cebu
19Holaysan, Sed AndersonLexmarkGrandmasterSm Seaside Cebu
20Loquero, CristyneNIAGrandmasterSm Seaside Cebu
21Abellanosa, John LorencePCGSWhizkidSm Seaside Cebu
22Chan, Therese ChristiCECWhizkidSm Seaside Cebu
23Dacula, KayeCECWhizkidSm Seaside Cebu
24Holaysan, AlessandraBethanyWhizkidSm Seaside Cebu
25Lee, Jonghun (Justin Lee)PCGSWhizkidSm Seaside Cebu
26Rasines, Mathew KenziePCGSWhizkidSm Seaside Cebu
27Ang, Ralh GabrielCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
28Co, Kathleen ClaireCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
29Creus, Elena RuthUSC-SouthWizardSm Seaside Cebu
30Dellera, Guen ChristineCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
31Duterte, Rani LaurenCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
32Go, Desiree ReginePCGSWizardSm Seaside Cebu
33Gonzales, RosenetteCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
34Lim, RenisePCGSWizardSm Seaside Cebu
35Mendoza, Cassey PaulineCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
36Misa, Rod JeffersonCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
37Misa, RaizaCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
38Ng, HaideeCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
39Oga, Francis NicoliCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
40Ong, Peaquet AndersonPCGSWizardSm Seaside Cebu
41Otar, TersonCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
42Pada, Kyrelle FaithCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
43Piscadero, James LloydCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
44Salcedo, Vince MartinUSC-SouthWizardSm Seaside Cebu
45Taganas, Kyle NicholasCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
46Tan, Cathline GayleCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
47Tan, JoshuaPCGSWizardSm Seaside Cebu
48Trocio, RjCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
49Ty, Marie LouiseCECWizardSm Seaside Cebu
50Prochina, KathrinaTrinto National High School (Agusan)WizardDavao City
51Morente, WendyTrinto National High School (Agusan)WizardDavao City
52Tulo, Cedric JoelAssumption College Of DavaoWizardDavao City
53Piccio, To Manuel 0.PSHS - SMCWizardDavao City
54Nagaya, KristineOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizardDavao City
55Ale, Van RayPrecious Int. School Of Davao (Piso)WizardDavao City
56Artiaga, MyleneAssumption College Of DavaoWizardDavao City
57Baluso, Eileen EimAssumption College Of DavaoWizardDavao City
58Catanus, Kaye AngeliqueTrinto National High School (Agusan)WizardDavao City
59Casquejo, Jonn DayeOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizardDavao City
60Corpuz, KobeOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizardDavao City
61Dela Rama, Rexie AnnSta. Ana National High SchoolWizardDavao City
62Fernandez, Charlyn Assumption College Of DavaoWizardDavao City
63Galindo, ChristianOur Lady Of Fatima AcademyWizardDavao City
64Macaraeg, Charles LaurenaUniversity Of MindanaoWizardDavao City
65Gonzales, Christine Mae S.United Methodist School Of DavaoGrandmasterDavao City
66Jamili, Kristine MaeUniversity Of MindanaoGrandmasterDavao City
67Payola, Angel GraceUniversity Of MindanaoGrandmasterDavao City
68Ihalas, Jondel S.Our Lady Of Fatima AcademyGrandmasterDavao City
69Soria, Guineveve Phil Science High SchoolGrandmasterDavao City
70Artiaga, Irene JaneAssumption College Of DavaoWhizkidDavao City
71Suanque, Geric JamesCentex BatangasWhizkidSm City Batangas
72Bagsic, Albriz MoorePhilippine Science High School MainWizardSm City Batangas
73Ignacio, ShaineGrandmasterSm City Batangas
74Masbaño, Raymund CarloSt. John's InstituteWizardIloilo
75Sargado, J IahPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardIloilo
76Co, Maxinne DominicPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardIloilo
77Iñate, Andrea DhayneHua Siong College Of IloiloWizardIloilo
78Chu, Hailey LeanneHua Siong College Of IloiloWhizkidIloilo
79Doromal, Reysheil AnneHua Siong College Of IloiloWhizkidIloilo
80Perez, Ma. Carmela I.ISBBWizardSm City Lucena
81Abrencillo, Azzedine H.ISBBWizardSm City Lucena
82Marino, James Winel P.PSHS-CbzrcWizardSm City Lucena
83Tadiosa, Kriz Dianne MCWizardSm City Lucena
84Adlaon, Kyla AndreaISBBWizardSm City Lucena
85Solidarios, Candice Renee BeatriceUp Rural High SchoolGrandmasterSm City Lucena
86Salayong, Ronan R.Paaralang Elem. Ng LucbanGrandmasterSm City Lucena
87Arcillas, Ana CarmelaRCBCGrandmasterSm City Lucena
88Adlaon, Kate AnneDLSUGrandmasterSm City Lucena
89Chan, RaffyDe La Salle University ManilaGrandmasterSm Skydome
90Chua, Aivan JarellDe La Salle University ManilaGrandmasterSm Skydome
91Sarrosa, Ralph JoshuaGrandmasterSm Skydome
92Pullan, Hazel AnneUniversity Of Sto. TomasGrandmasterSm Skydome
93Surdarlingam, CharieGrandmasterSm Skydome
94Estolatan, RyanKapitolyo High SchoolGrandmasterSm Skydome
95Ho, ShannonDe La Salle University - ManilaWizardSm Skydome
96Simbol, Jan VincentDe La Salle University Integrated School ManilaWizardSm Skydome
97Tieng, LaraF. Torres High SchoolWizardSm Skydome
98Parra, Ma. Leibniz CharisseSt. Paul College, PasigWizardSm Skydome
99Seniel, Maria KristineSilangan Elementary SchoolWhizkidSm Skydome
100Chua, JosephGrandmasterSm Bacolod
101Ong, FredGrandmasterSm Bacolod
102Jocson, Raldz LorenWizardSm Bacolod
103Lee, Jessica NadineWizardSm Bacolod
104Ong, Sanielle MelizWizardSm Bacolod
105Gomeri, MadeleineWizardSm Bacolod
106Yulo, Jenina ClaireWizardSm Bacolod
107Villaflor, Jojie RoseWizardSm Bacolod
108Lee, Charisse NicoleWizardSm Bacolod
109Rongo, Alec NathanWhizkidSm Bacolod
110Cristle A. BatallaPadre Gregorio Crisostomo Integrated SchoolGrandmasterSm Cabanatuan
111Maria Alaine EsmillaPadre Gregorio Crisostomo Integrated SchoolWhizkidSm Cabanatuan
112Myla Sp. SorianoMayapyap National High SchoolWizardSm Cabanatuan
113Azel Rae D. AlasBHC Educational Institutions, IncWhizkidSm Rosales
114Kasler Dell O. AbansiBHC Educational Institutions, IncWizardSm Rosales
115Reynaldo PreDepartment Of Health  (CAR)GrandmasterSm Rosales
116Meynardo AlbertoÍGrandmasterSm Dasmarinas
117Medenilla, GabrielGrandmasterSm Dasmarinas
118Marcaida, MikhaelaWizardSm Dasmarinas
119Rey, Therese JanelleWizardSm Dasmarinas
120Layos, MikhaellaWizardSm Dasmarinas
121Nojadera, Raymond AndrewWizardSm Dasmarinas
122Rosero, MarielleWizardSm Dasmarinas
123Cuadra, Marco
124Lim, Fedrick Lance R.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardKcc Zamboanga
125Ty, Stephen James L.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardKcc Zamboanga
126Dela Cruz, Margaret Ellyse S.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWhizkidKcc Zamboanga
127Chan, Alexandra Louis R.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWhizkidKcc Zamboanga
128Balasabas, AilynAyala National High SchoolWizardKcc Zamboanga
129Chan, Ethan Riley C.GrandmasterKcc Zamboanga
130Wee, Robin Spencer C.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardKcc Zamboanga
131Tan, Brylle ZacharyZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardKcc Zamboanga
132Yong, Jan Steven Y.Zamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardKcc Zamboanga
133Lim, JannicaZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardKcc Zamboanga
134Gabriel, Angela Mae BSabang Elementary SchoolWhizkidBaliuag, Bulacan
135Anzures , Princess Ashley C.Salambao Elementary SchoolWhizkidBaliuag, Bulacan
136Cabugao, Louisa Jean B.Akle Elementary SchoolWhizkidBaliuag, Bulacan
137Lim, Marc Kendrick A.Parada National High SchoolWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
138Buo, Daphne O.Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc.WizardBaliuag, Bulacan
139Wing, Jonathan A.Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc.WizardBaliuag, Bulacan
140Penullar, Kathleen GabrielWhizkidOlongapo
141Manuel, Jesso JemuelWhizkidOlongapo
142Custodio, Joshua AllenWhizkidOlongapo
143Melendrez, Romeo DaneWizardOlongapo
144Dalan, GerardWizardOlongapo
145De Guzman, Frederick WizardOlongapo
146Bobadella, SuzanneGrandmasterOlongapo
147Degri, EmmanuelGrandmasterOlongapo
148Princesa, Mharlyn JoyWizardAngeles, Pampanga
149Blangsora, Bornaro JaonWizardAngeles, Pampanga
150Dizon, JoselGrandmasterAngeles, Pampanga
151De Guzman, Aaron D.Lolomboy National High SchoolWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
152De Jesus, Mark Emerson G.DYCIWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
153Eugenio, Mary Jane E.DYCIWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
154Maximo, Kian GabrielSt. Mary's College Of BaliuagWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
155Uy, Michael John D.John J. Russel MhsWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
156Yuga, Angela A.DYCIWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
157Bayas, Christian D.AKLE ESWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
158Carpio, Denise V.DYCIWizardBaliuag, Bulacan
159De Belen, MarchBDOGrandmasterBaliuag, Bulacan
160Ramos, Darnell G.Bulacan State UniversityGrandmasterBaliuag, Bulacan

PSSC Reg’l Elim is set; top winners to get medals

The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines and SM Supermalls in coordination with the Philippine Star will conduct the regional elimination round of the 12th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge this month in selected schools and SM Malls in the country. 

The PSSC is open to all Sudoku enthusiasts from all walks of life. On its 12th year now, Sudoku puzzlers from different regions can vie for the following titles: Sudoku Whiz Kids (Elementary Level), Sudoku Wizards (High School Level) and Sudoku Grand Master (Collegiate, Adult, and Professional Level).

For the first time this year, the champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of each category will be awarded a gold, silver and bronze medal respectively.

However, only the champion of each category shall represent the region in the national finals which will be held at the SkyDome, SM North EDSA in Quezon on Saturday, January 27, 2018. Other participants may be considered national finalists on the case to case basis, that is if scores are equally impressive. 

For more inquiry, please visit this website,  

Venues for the Elimination Round of the 12 PSSC

These are the venues for the Elimination Round of 12th PSSC nationwide.Please send message in the for contact details.

VENUE Area Date Contact Person
SM CITY CAGAYAN DE ORO Cagayan de Oro City and nearby Area 14-Oct Ms. Marites Tagas
SM CITY DASMARIÑAS Provinces of Cavite and Laguna 14-Oct Ms. Angeline Orosco
SM CITY ILOILO Iloilo City and nearby area 14-Oct Dr. Jonathan Glorial
SM CITY TARLAC Tarlac City and nearby area 14-Oct Engr. Edgardo Domingo
SM CITY OLONGAPO Olongapo City and nearby area 14-Oct Dr. Roger Nuqui
SM CITY CABANATUAN Province of Nueva Ecija 14-Oct Ms. Emily Joson
SM CITY ROSALES Pangasinan and nearby area 15-Oct Ms. Concesa Rapacon
SM CITY SEASIDE, CEBU Cebu City and nearby area 17-Oct Mr. Sotero Cabanes
SM CITY BALIWAG Bulacan and nearby area 14-Oct Ms. Rosalinda Rodriguez
SM CITY BATANGAS CITY Province of Batangas 20-Oct Ms. Susan Ignacio
SM CITY PAMPANGA Pampanga and nearby area 21-Oct Ms. Crisselda Dizon
SM CITY NAGA Province of Camarines Sur and Legaspi city 21-Oct Ms. Sioc Bee Azajar
SM CITY DAVAO Davao City and nearby area 22-Oct Ms. Lucy Puro
SM CITY NORTH EDSA NCR and nearby area 26-Oct Mr. Manuel Kotah
SM CITY LUCENA Province of Quezon 12-Nov Mr. Aries Tan
SM CITY Bacolod Province of Negros Occidental 19-Nov Ms. Esther Jane Uy