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Please be informed that the venue of the 13th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge shall be on the 4th floor, SM Sta. Mesa on Saturday, November 24, 2018.

Due to the narrow space of the venue, the contest will come in two batches.

  • First Batch:
  • Grandmaster, Under 15 and Under 12 categories.
  • The registration starts at 8:00 AM while the contest proper begins at 9:00 AM.
  • *The first batch participants should use the entrance gate which is just in front of Anytime Fitness near BDO Building.


  • Second Batch:
  • Under 8 and Under 10 categories
  • The registration starts at 11:00 AM and the contest proper starts at 12:30 PM.

All participants must bring any valid ID and Birth Certificate so that the correct category shall be assigned to all the national finalists of the 13th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge.

These are the official participants who confirmed their participation in the 13th PSSC:

For the uncategorized, please send your birthdate to

  • 1 Chan, Kirsten Dominique Uncategorized
    2 Pinsoy Ayessah Lora Uncategorized
    3 Tero, Fernando Uncategorized
    4 Atayde Mary Edlynn Uncategorized
    5 Ordoño, Brylle Uncategorized
    6 Lim Fredrick Bjorn Uncategorized
    7 Mendez Princess Uncategorized
    8 Lim, Marc Kendrick Uncategorized
    9 Ebbay, Ria Bettina Uncategorized
    10 Casquejo, Jann Dave Rhodore G. Uncategorized
    11 Valenciano, Shaine Sophia B. Uncategorized
    12 De Guzman Frederick Uncategorized
    13 Baluso, Eileen Kim Uncategorized
    14 Abansi, Kasler Dell Uncategorized
    15 Santos , Eiane Erwhel Uncategorized
    16 Soriano, Vera Nicole D. Uncategorized
    17 Olesco, Kirsten Leni Uncategorized
    18 Cerio, Yssa Emmuelle Uncategorized

    1Jao, Natasha MaeGrandmaster
    2Alberto, MeynardoGrandmaster
    3Liclican, SephiGrandmaster
    4Ramos, DarnellGrandmaster
    5Marcaida, Mikhaela AngeliqueGrandmaster
    6Lindayag, Francis OrionGrandmaster
    7Sed Anderson HolaysanGrandmaster
    8Acaban, MelisaGrandmaster
    9Nojadera, Raymond AndrewGrandmaster
    10Chan, Arianne Beatrice Y.Grandmaster
    11Poral, Neil Phillip J.Grandmaster
    12Krizelle Mae BorbajoGrandmaster
    13Ryan S. EstolatanGrandmaster
    14Solidarios, Candice Renee Beatrice T.Grandmaster
    15Gregorio, Jessica J.Grandmaster
    16Gabata, John Joseph D.J.Grandmaster
    17Teddy TanGrandmaster
    18Machacon, Alec PiusGrandmaster
    19Gabata, John Joseph Grandmaster
    20Layos, Mikhaella Grandmaster
    21Sarrosa, Ralph JoshuaGrandmaster
    22Errol John SuarezGrandmaster
    23Melendrez, Romeo DaneGrandmaster
    24Arcillas, Ana CarmelaGrandmaster
    25Gonzales, Cristine Mae S.Grandmaster
    26Caringal Mary JoyGrandmaster
    27Merle, Korina Blanca A. Grandmaster
    28Chan, Ethan RileyGrandmaster
    29Lasquite, Nicholas L.Grandmaster
    30Mandapat, Maria LourdesGrandmaster
    31Jamili, Kristine MaeGrandmaster
    32Yao Kent DaneilGrandmaster
    33Yao Jhereme KhyleGrandmaster
    34Kaye YaoGrandmaster
    35Cai JinnyGrandmaster
    36Gutierrez, Frederick Jr.Grandmaster
    37Rey Therese JanelleGrandmaster
    38Santiago, Jeter Isaac P.Grandmaster
    39Masbaño Raymund CarloGrandmaster
    40Edjay Ely HayagGrandmaster
    41Jan Vincent SimbolGrandmaster
    42Nebres, Bianca Denise Grandmaster
    43Garma, AllyzaGrandmaster
    44Lopez, Jan Erick Grandmaster
    45De Jesus, Mark Emerson G. Grandmaster
    46Tieng, LaraGrandmaster
    47Tadiosa, Kriz DianneGrandmaster
    48Baroman, Noelle FaithGrandmaster
    49Parra, Ma. Leibniz Charisse D. Grandmaster
    50Ramos, Richieline E.Grandmaster
    51Mendoza, Mark AllenGrandmaster
    52Lim, Melvin KristoffersonGrandmaster
    53Cierva, JeremyGrandmaster
    54Muñoz, MilesGrandmaster
    55Julia BerinGrandmaster
    56Buo, DaphneeGrandmaster
    57Chan, Vicente RaphaelGrandmaster
    58Olino, ShaneaGrandmaster
    59Olino, ShaenaGrandmaster
    60Jocson Raldz LorenGrandmaster
    61Catanus, Kaye Angelique P.Grandmaster
    62Shi, Charles Justin G.Grandmaster
    63Inna CeroGrandmaster
    64Algones, Lance Charlemagne OdysseyGrandmaster
    65Yu Jonathan ConradGrandmaster
    66Mamutuk, Alan NageenaUnder 10
    67Chan, Kyleigh DustineUnder 10
    68Calica, Io Aristotle NikolaiUnder 10
    69Anzures, Princess Ashley C.Under 10
    70Matias, Rozenda Dc.Under 10
    71Cruz, Knayne B.Under 10
    72Go, Junky Xavier M.Under 10
    73Rivera, ShaneUnder 10
    74Layos MarcellaUnder 10
    75De Leon, Angela MhaeUnder 10
    76Reyes, Ma. ClarrizaUnder 10
    77Veniegas, Rocky Andrie C.Under 10
    78Hipolito Frea KrisselaUnder 10
    79Panerio, Julian MilesUnder 10
    80Espanol, Junes IanUnder 10
    81Buenaventura, Princess Laine T.Under 10
    82Villados Krielyn CharizeUnder 10
    83Lim Keane Timothy MUnder 10
    84Bolaños Ralph BenedictUnder 10
    85Alessandra BasobasUnder 10
    86Cadion, Jared EmmanuelUnder 10
    87Selga Ethan JoshUnder 10
    88Pangan Serg Ansel V.Under 10
    89Yap Marc AdrianUnder 10
    90Mercado, Maleina MavUnder 10
    91Nable, Yvan Angelo P.Under 10
    92Rasines, Matthew KenzieUnder 10
    93Yap, Ivan Benedict LeeUnder 10
    94Jullion Louis QueUnder 10
    95Bolanos, Ralph Benedict Under 10
    96De Leon, Ghrayan Carla Under 12
    97Jang SeanUnder 12
    98Odeña, Irish BeaUnder 12
    99Bartolome Aile CovinUnder 12
    100Alec Nathan RongoUnder 12
    101Alcantara, Rayner Gabrielle Do.Under 12
    102Alfonso, Ehrell Dane G.Under 12
    103Bautista, Andrea Christine Under 12
    104Junio, Zechariah V.Under 12
    105Fajardo, Eunice A.Under 12
    106Pama, Hans KenzoUnder 12
    107Valmonte,Anjelo M.Under 12
    108Dela Cruz, Margaret Ellyse S.Under 12
    109Bernardo, Sheena Dianne Under 12
    110Dela Cruz Princess Anne TUnder 12
    111Alcantara, KarylleUnder 12
    112Chan Eliza ShannelUnder 12
    113Villados Kriane CharlesUnder 12
    114Niebres, Gamliel JethUnder 12
    115Baroman, Jether Noel U.Under 12
    116Salamatin, Errol ArvyUnder 12
    117Betchaida Jr., Edwin Under 12
    118Magno, Luzzia DorothyUnder 12
    119Gabata Kristine JoyUnder 12
    120Fabian, Lyzander JeptahUnder 12
    121Gabata, Kristine JoyUnder 12
    122Cabugao , Louisa Jean Under 12
    123Custodio, Joshua Allen T.Under 12
    124Angela GabrielUnder 12
    125Chu, Hailey LeanneUnder 12
    126Tongcua, Hanne MargaretUnder 12
    127Tongcua, Hanne MargaretUnder 12
    128Jhoana May C. SamonteUnder 12
    129Doromal,Reysheil AnneUnder 12
    130Chua Rey StephenUnder 12
    131Paulene Eriz PanganibanUnder 12
    132Delos Reyes, JahypeeUnder 12
    133Calubayan, Phylline CristelUnder 15
    134Maraye, Abdurrazzaq G.Under 15
    135Sargado, J IahUnder 15
    136De Guzman, Aaron D.Under 15
    137Holaysan, AlessandraUnder 15
    138Navarro, Janelle AleisonneUnder 15
    139Rodriguez, Rolan Kerbie Under 15
    140Nicolas, Billy JoeUnder 15
    141Adlaon, Kyla AndreaUnder 15
    142Red RoblesUnder 15
    143Perez, Ma. CarmelaUnder 15
    144Gomeri, Madeleine Rafaelle P.Under 15
    145Bello, Kyla NicoleUnder 15
    146Jeniña Claire M. YuloUnder 15
    147Uy, Michael John D.Under 15
    148Bayas, ChristianUnder 15
    149Go, Desiree RegineUnder 15
    150Salvador RheizalUnder 15
    151Samonte Jean KathleenUnder 15
    152Atayde Mary EdlynnUnder 15
    153Ramos, Maria NicoleUnder 15
    154Baroman, Noelle SophieUnder 15
    155Fernandez,Charlyn Joy A.Under 15
    156Cruz, Rey GabrielUnder 15
    157Umipig, Empress JayrielleUnder 8
    158Mamutuk, AqeelUnder 8
    159Sargado, J IrahUnder 8
    160Saladaga, Fa Shailyn AUnder 8
    161Manamparan, Adriel LenardUnder 8
    162Raymundo, Rhaiyanna R. Under 8
    163Roxas Rhian SalvadorUnder 8
    164Caitlin Enrile LopingcoUnder 8
    165Benitez Markken Erick P.Under 8
    166Patriarca, John GabrielUnder 8
    167Lopingco CaitinUnder 8
    168Reyes Alexies NicoleUnder 8
    169Ligsay, Juan MiguelUnder 8
    170Salire, Moira Isabella S.J.Under 8
    171Que, Alexis JaneUnder 8
    172Padilla, Rian Crystel N. Under 8
    173Solidarios, Kiersten Reese BerniceUnder 8
    174Fernandez, Princess BhellaUnder 8
    175Lim Gabriel RoyceUnder 8
    176Tongcua, Mary Viena LouiseUnder 8
    177Sarah Hyacinth D. MataUnder 8

MTG to follow WPF rule on Under 18 Category

Please be informed that as per recommendation from the World Puzzle Federation (WPF) of which the MTG Philippines is a member, all Under 18 participants of the 13th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge national finals will be split into two divisions: Under 15 (13-15yrs old) Division and Over 15 years old. All other participants over 15 will join the Grandmaster Division.

This new format in classifying the age category is in accordance to and in preparation for the 2019 Asia Sudoku Championship which will be held in Philippines in January next year.

In line with this, may we request all participants of Under 18 category to send us a scanned documents of your proof of birth on or before November 15, 2018 at this email address:

SM Sta. Mesa is the venue of 13th PSSC finals 

Please be informed that the 13th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge National Finals will be at SM City Sta. Mesa located at R. Magsaysay cor. G Araneta Ave, Dona Imelda, Quezon City on Saturday, November 24, 2018.
The participants are advised to proceed to the venue early because the registration starts at 7 AM while the contest at 8 AM. 
The format of the 13th PSSC has been changed to meet up the latest Sudoku competition standard in the international arena. Thus, the national finalists who are winners of the respective regions will vie for the major titles under the following categories: Under 8 (8 years old below), Under 10 (9-10 years old) and Under 12(11-12 years old), Under 18 (13-18 years old) and Sudoku Grandmaster (College/Professional Level).

Schedule of 13PSSC Regional Round in different Areas

Venue Coverage Area Date of Contest
1 SM City Rosales Pangasinan and nearby areas September 22, 2018
2 SM City Bacolod Province of Negros Occidental September 29, 2018
3 SM City Baliwag Bulacan and nearby areas September 29, 2018
4 SM City Cagayan de Oro Cagayan De Oro City and nearby areas September 29, 2018
5 SM City Iloilo Iloilo City and nearby areas September 29, 2018
6 SM City Naga Bicol Region September 29, 2018
7 SM City Olongapo Olongapo and nearby areas September 29, 2018
8 SM City Tarlac Tarlac and nearby areas September 29, 2018
9 SM City Cebu Central Visayas and nearby areas September 30, 2018
10 SM City Clark Pampanga and nearby Areas September 30, 2018
11 TBA Province of Batangas October 27, 2018
12 SM City Lanang Davao Region and nearby areas October 13, 2018
13 Cyberzone, SM City Marikina NCR and nearby areas October 13, 2018
14 Philippine Tong Ho Institute Quezon province and nearby areas October 20, 2018
15 Cavite School of Life – Salawag Cavite, Laguna, Las Pinas Area October 6, 2018. 1:00pm

UP Rural High School student conquers 12th Philippine Sudoku finals

Candice Renee Beatrice Solidarios, of the University of the Philippines (UP) Rural High School in Bay, Laguna won as the Philippines’ Sudoku Grand Master as she was declared champion in the Grand Master Category during the 12th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) national finals held at Skydome, SM North EDSA, Quezon City last January 27, 2018.

Besides Solidarios who received P60,000 for her feat, others who won in the Grand Master category are: Errol John Suarez of University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, first runner-up with P40,000; Alec Pius Machacon of AXA, second runner-up with P20,000; Ralph Joshua Sarrosa, third runner-up; and Sed Anderson Holaysan of Lexmark, fourth runner-up.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Conrad Yu, of the Philippine Christian Gospel School in Cebu City won as champion and received P50,000 in the Wizard Category for high school students.

Declared as first runner-up with P30,000 prize was Kirsten Dominique Chan of Bayanihan Institute. She was followed by John Joseph Gabata of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, second runner-up who got P20,000; Jan Vincent Simbol of De La Salle University Integrated School, third runner-up; and Marc Kendrick Lim of Parada National High School, fourth runner-up.

Equally reaping honors for herself was Louisa Jean Cabugao of Akle Elementary School in Bulacan who won as champion and received P20, 000 in the Whiz Kid Category for elementary students.

Rounding up the winners’ circle are: Angela Mae Gabriel of Sabang Elementary School, first runner-up with P10,000; Hailey Leanne Chu of Hua Siong College of Iloilo, second runner-up with P5,000; Matthew Kenzie Rasines of Philippine Christian Gospel School, third runner-up; and Jether Baroman of Tambo Central School, fourth runner-up.

A total of 151 students competed in this year’s PSSC national finals: Grand Master Category (30), Wizard Category (82), and Whiz Kid Category (39).

This year’s PSSC was made possible by the following co-organizers SM North EDSA, The Skydome, SHARP Calculators and Philippine Star and by the following sponsors: Phoenix Publishing House, SIB Publishing House, David’s Tea House, Royal Garden Restaurant, Vital 1 Purified Drinking Water and Zamboanga Today.


PSSC Reg’l Elim is set; top winners to get medals

The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines and SM Supermalls in coordination with the Philippine Star will conduct the regional elimination round of the 12th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge this month in selected schools and SM Malls in the country. 

The PSSC is open to all Sudoku enthusiasts from all walks of life. On its 12th year now, Sudoku puzzlers from different regions can vie for the following titles: Sudoku Whiz Kids (Elementary Level), Sudoku Wizards (High School Level) and Sudoku Grand Master (Collegiate, Adult, and Professional Level).

For the first time this year, the champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of each category will be awarded a gold, silver and bronze medal respectively.

However, only the champion of each category shall represent the region in the national finals which will be held at the SkyDome, SM North EDSA in Quezon on Saturday, January 27, 2018. Other participants may be considered national finalists on the case to case basis, that is if scores are equally impressive. 

For more inquiry, please visit this website,  

Venues for the Elimination Round of the 12 PSSC

These are the venues for the Elimination Round of 12th PSSC nationwide.Please send message in the for contact details.

VENUE Area Date Contact Person
SM CITY CAGAYAN DE ORO Cagayan de Oro City and nearby Area 14-Oct Ms. Marites Tagas
SM CITY DASMARIÑAS Provinces of Cavite and Laguna 14-Oct Ms. Angeline Orosco
SM CITY ILOILO Iloilo City and nearby area 14-Oct Dr. Jonathan Glorial
SM CITY TARLAC Tarlac City and nearby area 14-Oct Engr. Edgardo Domingo
SM CITY OLONGAPO Olongapo City and nearby area 14-Oct Dr. Roger Nuqui
SM CITY CABANATUAN Province of Nueva Ecija 14-Oct Ms. Emily Joson
SM CITY ROSALES Pangasinan and nearby area 15-Oct Ms. Concesa Rapacon
SM CITY SEASIDE, CEBU Cebu City and nearby area 17-Oct Mr. Sotero Cabanes
SM CITY BALIWAG Bulacan and nearby area 14-Oct Ms. Rosalinda Rodriguez
SM CITY BATANGAS CITY Province of Batangas 20-Oct Ms. Susan Ignacio
SM CITY PAMPANGA Pampanga and nearby area 21-Oct Ms. Crisselda Dizon
SM CITY NAGA Province of Camarines Sur and Legaspi city 21-Oct Ms. Sioc Bee Azajar
SM CITY DAVAO Davao City and nearby area 22-Oct Ms. Lucy Puro
SM CITY NORTH EDSA NCR and nearby area 26-Oct Mr. Manuel Kotah
SM CITY LUCENA Province of Quezon 12-Nov Mr. Aries Tan
SM CITY Bacolod Province of Negros Occidental 19-Nov Ms. Esther Jane Uy