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Filipino Sudoku puzzlers win trophies and medals in China

The three Philippine Sudoku puzzlers were on the top places winning silver and bronze medals in the 2018 China Junior Sudoku Championship held in Beijing, China on August 9 to 12, 2018.

Wrestling with the finest Sudoku aces mostly from the various provinces of China, Korea, and Japan, our Filipino Sudoku stars were forced to unleash their special speed-accuracy tactics to enhance the Philippine medal chances.

As a result, Jonathan Conrad Yu from University of San Carlos – North Campus (Cebu), and Kirsten Dominique Chan from Bayanihan Institute – Tarlac succeeded to bring home a silver medal each while Bernadette Concepcion also from Bayanihan Institute secured her bronze medal.

Other than winning a medal, our Filipino Sudoku puzzlers also held the country’s first trophy from the contest.

Our participants joined the Under 18 category solving the following puzzles 6 × 6 Dots-Kropki Sudoku, 6 × 6 Skyscrapers Sudoku, Standard Sudoku, 9 × 9 Diagonal Sudoku, 9 × 9 Irregular Sudoku, 9 × 9 Killer Sudoku, 9 × 9 Consecutive Sudoku in four rounds for the individual contest and three rounds for team  contest.