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More than 100 regional winners confirmed participation in the 10 PSSC

About one hundred eighty regional Sudoku winners made a swift and sure declaration to participate in the 10th Philippine Sudoku super Challenge (PSSC) which will be held at The Skydome, SM North EDSA in Quezon City on Saturday, January 30, 2016. Registration starts from 8:00am to 10:00am. Contest starts at 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Making it against time to beat the confirmation deadline, one hundred thirty-three Sudoku puzzlers, now considered as official national finalists, will come face to face with their equals as they vie for the top five titles of the following categories: Sudoku Whiz Kid (Elementary Level), Sudoku Wizard (High School Level) and Sudoku Grand Master (Collegiate and Professional Level).

Other than this year’s declared PSSC regional champs, last year’s 9th PSSC national winners of every category, if they confirmed their participation, are considered official national finalists as well. Other regional winners who failed to beat the confirmation deadline are deemed uninterested participants, therefore, they are regarded as not official national finalists. The Organizer strongly prohibits walk-in participants. 

The 10th PSSC national finalists will solve around 20 to 25 puzzles in 6th rounds in approximately 2 hours in 30 minutes.  Some of the puzzles are 6 x 6 Non-consecutive Sudoku, 7 x 7 Irregular Sudoku, Standard Sudoku, Frame Sudoku, Windoku, Outside Sudoku, 3D Cube Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Consecutive Diagonal Sudoku, Jumbo 3D Sudoku, Zero Killer Sudoku, Killer Samurai Diagonal Sudoku, Samurai Combination Sudoku.

Furthermore, national finalists from the Visayas, Mindanao and those from Luzon with more than 5- hour travel time to Manila can avail of the FREE accommodation to be announce soonCoaches and accompanying persons are not included in this accommodation sponsorship.

sudoku variations cover series10.indd
To give the participants the idea of the types of puzzles for the national finals, the Philippine Board of Studies Foundation has released the Sudoku Variation, Series 10, an ideal booklet for practice and preparation for the contest.

To make your order, please look for

The organizer reiterates that the top three winners of every category, winning the cash prizes, will have to agree through a waiver allowing the organizer to keep the money for the participants for their plane tickets and other travel expenses abroad as they represent the Philippines in Sudoku and puzzle competitions.


1Alcala, Samantha Gail G.WIZARD
2Alimpia, Kyle Patrick B. BHC Educational Institutition IncWIZARD
3Argana, Ralph Ernest G. BHC Educational Institutition IncWIZARD
4Aringoy, KennethSta. Ana NHSWIZARD
5Artiaga, Mylene JaneAssumption College of DavaoWIZARD
6Arzadon, King Joshua D.Baguio City High SchoolWIZARD
7Avila, GenevieveAquinas UniversityWIZARD
8Babiera, PhoebeOur Lady of Fatima AcademyWIZARD
9Balagtas, BenjoSto. Nino HSWIZARD
10Balano, John VincentDYCIWIZARD
11Balidoy, Ed Matthew G.Philippine Science High School - CARCWIZARD
12Baluso, Eileen KimAssumption College of DavaoWIZARD
13Barrera, John Patrick Saint Augustine's School WIZARD
14Berin, Julia JamesAquinas UniversityWIZARD
15Boado, Krizzel JoyPhilippine Science High School - CARCWIZARD
16Bobadilla, RileyRegional Science HS IIIWIZARD
17Buo, DaphneeDYCIWIZARD
18Capili, Coleen AnnImmaculate Concepcion Academy BatacWIZARD
19Carpio, Moses Christopher C. CarpioAGOO Kiddie Special School WIZARD
20Chan, Kirsten Dominique S.Bayanihan InstituteWIZARD
21Chan, Vicente RaphaelZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
22Chua, Aivan JarellGrace Christian CollegeWIZARD
23Chua, Nicole Abigail L.Bayanihan InstituteWIZARD
24Claridad, Mica Aira B.Baguio City High SchoolWIZARD
25Co, Ma. Samantha YsabelAteneo De Iloilo - SMCSWIZARD
26Co, Maxinne Louise DominiquePhil. Science HS - WVSUWIZARD
27Concepcion, Bernadette C.Bayanihan InstituteWIZARD
28Dalan, GeraldSJC Olongapo Inc. HS DeptWIZARD
29De Guzman, CharleneMaryhill CollegeWIZARD
30Dy, Julia FatimaCebu Eastern CollegeWIZARD
31Eugenio, Mary JaneDYCIWIZARD
32Fundadera, Kimberly ClaireSt. Paul College of Ilocos SurWIZARD
33Gabata, John JasperDYCIWIZARD
35Hayag, Edjay ElyPhil. Science HS - CMCWIZARD
36Ho, Shannon GailZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
37Imperial, Andrea AlexisAquinas UniversityWIZARD
38Lee, Jessica NadineSt John's InstituteWIZARD
39Lim, Fredrick LanceZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
40Malungcut, Kahlil Christian Aaron T.Don Bosco Technical InstituteWIZARD
41Marcaida, Mikkaela Angelique P.Manila Science High SchoolWIZARD
42Masba ñ o, Raymund CarloSt John's Institute, Bacolod CityWIZARD
43Maulion, AbegailDLSLWIZARD
44Maximo, Kian GabrielSMCBWIZARD
45Melendrez, Romeo DaneRegional Science HS IIIWIZARD
46Mendoza, Chelsea Faye V. BHC Educational Institutition IncWIZARD
47Misa, Rodolfo Jr.Cebu Eastern CollegeWIZARD
48Molina, MargeImmaculate Concepcion Academy BatacWIZARD
49Mollasgo, Jon Michael S.Aquinas UniversityWIZARD
51Ocana, Michelle Iligan City East National HSWIZARD
52Olesco, Kirsten LeniAquinas UniversityWIZARD
53Olino, ShaenaPhil. Science HS - CMCWIZARD
54Ong, Lorrie PhillimaeCebu Eastern CollegeWIZARD
55Ong, Sanielle MelizSt. John's Institute WIZARD
56Ordo ñ o, Brylle Jaden Louise BHC Educational Institutition IncWIZARD
57Pajarillo, Joenah Reah D. AGOO Kiddie Special School WIZARD
58Perez, Ma. CarmelaISBBWIZARD
59Piscadero, James LloydCebu Eastern CollegeWIZARD
60Pobre, Monique A. Saint Augustine's School WIZARD
61Sermona, John Jerick T.Cayetano Science Technology HSWIZARD
62Siu, Kate AnnePTHIWIZARD
63Smith, Allison Danielle M. BHC Educational Institutition IncWIZARD
64Soria, GuineverePhil. Science HS - DavaoWIZARD
65Suarez, Errol JohnAquinas UniversityWIZARD
66Tamondong, Alexandra JaneDominican SchoolWIZARD
67Tan, Bryan JosephGrace Christian CollegeWIZARD
68Torcuato, Irene Danica B.Baguio City High SchoolWIZARD
69Villamin, Ana Patricia  M. Saint Augustine's School WIZARD
70Wing, JonathanDYCIWIZARD
72Yu, Jonathan Conrad G.Philippine Christian Gospel SchoolWIZARD
73Yu, Shaun ChristoroperZamboanga Chong Hua HSWIZARD
74Yuga, AngelaDYCIWIZARD
1Adlaon, Kyla Andrea M.ISBBWHIZKID
2Azarcon, Mary Alyenne Josephine BHC Educational Institutition IncWHIZKID
3Baltazar, Karyl Zyra B. AGOO Kiddie Special School WHIZKID
4Baroman, Jether NoelTambo Central SchoolWHIZKID
5Bayas, Christian D. Akle ESWHIZKID
6Benitez , Macky Emerson P.Saint Augustine's School WHIZKID
7Carpio, Kristine MarieSBESWHIZKID
8Chan, Enzo Rafael S.Bayanihan InstituteWHIZKID
9De Guzman, FrederickLittle Angel Study CenterWHIZKID
10Dy, Bernabe T. IIIMother Goose Special School System, IncWHIZKID
11Fernandez, Charlyn JoyAssumption College of DavaoWHIZKID
12Gomez, Romar A.Patubig ESWHIZKID
13Holaysan, AlessandraBethanyWHIZKID
14Lim, Jannica AllysonZamboanga Chong Hua HSWHIZKID
15Maligsay, Kyn AchillesImmaculate Concepcion Academy BatacWHIZKID
16Marino, James WincelISBBWHIZKID
17Misa, Rod JeffersonCebu Eastern CollegeWHIZKID
19Noceda, Erin ChristenSPED-G KalayaanWHIZKID
20Opingo, Ma. Venezea Shamhelle C.1st Runner Up/Marianne T. RabacaWHIZKID
21Ramos, Charles EdisonZamboanga Chong Hua HSWHIZKID
23Sargado, J IahHuasiong College of iloiloWHIZKID
24Simbol, Ronn Derick A. BHC Educational Institution, Inc.WHIZKID
25Tabanao, Leigh Andrei M.Don Bosco Technical Institute, TarlacWHIZKID
26Tan, Angela JamiePCGSWHIZKID
27Teodoro, John CarloDr.Guillermo dela Merced Memorial SchoolWHIZKID
28Uy, Robert FrederikSt. John's Institute WHIZKID
29Verana, Chael ChristelAssumption College of DavaoWHIZKID
30Villaflor, Jojie Rose P.University of Negros-Occidental RecoletosWHIZKID
31Villanueva, Bernadine  P.WHIZKID
32Wu, Chun-ChienBayanihan InstituteWHIZKID
33Yulo, Jenina ClaireUniversity of Negros-Occidental RecoletosWHIZKID
3Alquiza, Justine MylesUSTGRANDMASTER
4Ayroso, MikelAteneo de Manila UniversityGRANDMASTER
5Bayron, Christopher John D.n/aGRANDMASTER
6Bernardo, Sheryl DianneUSCGRANDMASTER
7Bobadilla, Suzannen/aGRANDMASTER
8Cardinal, Joel Edward B. UP DilimanGRANDMASTER
9Chan, Arianne BeatriceUniversity of Sto. TomasGRANDMASTER
10David, Mica Anne BoleynUP DilimanGRANDMASTER
11Del Mundo, JoselitoZSESGRANDMASTER
12Dy, Natalia BeatriceSt. John's Institute GRANDMASTER
14Gonzales, Cristine MaeHoly Cross of Davao CollegeGRANDMASTER
15Huelar, Adriann/aGRANDMASTER
16Jamili, Kristine MaeUniv of South EasternGRANDMASTER
18Limsiy, Gerrick Spencer C. Grace Christian CollegeGRANDMASTER
19Llagas Jr, RestitutoUniversity of Northern Phils ViganGRANDMASTER
20Malungcut, Kendrick Timothy T.UP BaguioGRANDMASTER
21Maximo, Kristine Danielle UPGRANDMASTER
22Naraval, Paul Jeremiah D. UP BaguioGRANDMASTER
23Poral, Neil PhillipDe la Salle UniversityGRANDMASTER
24Reyes, JonathanUP DilimanGRANDMASTER
25Rivera, Roegen C.La Union National High SchoolGRANDMASTER
26Sagolili, Lyka TrishaFather Saturnino Urios UniGRANDMASTER
28Salvador, RochelleUSTGRANDMASTER
29Sarrosa, Ralph Joshua P.GRANDMASTER
30Shi, Hazel JoyCitibankGRANDMASTER
31Simbol, Jan Vincent A. BHC Educational Institutition IncGRANDMASTER
32Solano, John Patrick F.First Life FinancialGRANDMASTER
33Solidarios, Candice Renee BeatriceUP Rural HSGRANDMASTER
34Suson, Farrah AngelicaIligan CityGRANDMASTER
35Taban, JosephUniversity of Northern Phils ViganGRANDMASTER
36Yao, Kaye Janelle F. Ateneo de Manila UniversityGRANDMASTER
37Yap, Kathlyn Mae O.De la Salle UniversityGRANDMASTER