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Sudoku puzzlers go to the 9th PSSC national finals

More than 200 Sudoku puzzlers are now among the qualifiers after their scores in the regional elimination round had guaranteed their seats in the national finals of the 9th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) which will be held at the Skydome, SM North EDSA in Quezon City on Saturday, January 31, 2015.

The national finalists coming from the different regions in the Philippines will come face to face with their equals who will vie for the top five places in the following categories, Sudoku Master (Collegiate and Professional level), Sudoku Wizard (High School Level) and Sudoku Whiz Kid (Elementary Level).

Furthermore, the top five winners in every category in last year’s 8th PSSC are automatic contestants in the national finals of the 9th PSSC. However, they together with this year’s qualifiers whose names are listed below make a confirmation of their willingness to participate in the national finals through Mr. Vhon Gesulga at email address, on or before January 2, 2015. Please do not forget to indicate the subject header in your email letter as: Yes … 9th PSSC!!!

In addition, the national qualifiers are requested to provide MTG contact person the following information:

  • Name:
  • Gender (sex):
  • Grade/year level (if student):
  • School/Company name:
  • Category (Whizkid / Wizard / Grandmaster):
  • Place/Venue of the Regional Elimination held:
  • T-shirt size: (please refer to the image below)
  • Mobile contact number:

Sudoku Tshirt-size Chart



 NameSchool/ ProfessionCategoryVenue
1Abinoja, Robin BUP Los BanosGrandmasterSM Lipa City
2Ala, Paul JohnUniversity of Santo TomasGrandmasterSM Marikina
3Alvin segundoSen. Renato Cayetano MSTHSGrandmasterTaguig
4Angaga, Phoebe B.St. Joseph de Mary Learning CenterGrandmasterBaguio
5Arcillos, AnaRCBCGrandmasterSM Marikina
6Ayroso, Mikel Paul T.Ateneo de Manila UniversityGrandmasterSM Marikina
7Bayron, Christopher JohnDLSU - ManilaGrandmasterSM Marikina
8Candice Renee Beatrice T. SolidariosUP Rural High SchoolGrandmasterSM Dasmarinas
9Casipit, Raphael Paolo A.University of Santo TomasGrandmasterSM Marikina
10Celeste, Gervy Rhei M.Don Bosco Technical InstituteGrandmasterMakati
11Chan, Arianne Beatrice Y.University of Santo TomasGrandmasterSM Marikina
12Chesko GrezulaGrandmasterOlongapo
13Chua, JosephGrandmasterSM Bacolod
14Darnell RamosBulacan State UniversityGrandmasterSM Baliwag Bulacan
15David, Mica Anne BoleynUP DilimanGrandmasterSM Lipa City
16Delagente, JoecelGrandmasterSM Bacolod
17Denmark PenusJollibeeGrandmasterSM Dasmarinas
18Diana Joy F. LacernaU.P. Los BanosGrandmasterTaguig
19Diola, Nathaniel B.UP DilimanGrandmasterSM Marikina
20Dy, Natalia BeatriceGrandmasterSM Bacolod
21Esteban, Prudencio W.Baguio City National High SchoolGrandmasterBaguio
22Estolatan, Ryan S.UP DilimanGrandmasterSM Marikina
23First Jay B. DolaGrandmasterSM Dasmarinas
24Froilan E. SaflorR.P. Cruz Elem. SchoolGrandmasterTaguig
25Garcia, Lance S.UP College, BaguioGrandmasterBaguio
26Go, Angela JayUSCGrandmasterCebu City
27Gonzales, Cristin MaeHoly Cross of Davao CollegeGrandmasterDavao City
28Hechanova, Julius GregoryGrandmasterSM Cagayan De Oro
29Jamili, Kristine MaeUniversity of Southeastern PhilGrandmasterDavao City
30Jamisola, Joseph Jermaine B.Baguio City National High SchoolGrandmasterBaguio
31Joel Edward CardinalTeam PacificGrandmasterTaguig
32Kate Anne AdlaonDe La Salle UniversityGrandmasterSM Lucena
33Kristine Danielle MaximoUniversity of the Philippines - DilimanGrandmasterSM Baliwag Bulacan
34Laderas, Vic Jomar M.Baguio City National High SchoolGrandmasterBaguio
35Lambert G. QuesadaSignal Village National High SchoolGrandmasterTaguig
36Lardizabal, Crystal Mae O.Saint Louis UniversityGrandmasterBaguio
37Machacon, Alec PiusSGV & Co.GrandmasterSM Marikina
38March De BelenBanco De OroGrandmasterSM Baliwag Bulacan
39Marquez, MeyerUP Los BanosGrandmasterSM Lipa City
40Meynardo P. AlbertoDr. Jose P. Rizal Elementary schoolGrandmasterSM Dasmarinas
41Naniong, Jason Martin A.SGV & Co.GrandmasterSM Marikina
42Ong, FrederickGrandmasterSM Bacolod
43Peñafort, Kathleen MayAteneo De Davao UniversityGrandmasterDavao City
44Pullan, Hazel Anne H.University of Santo TomasGrandmasterSM Marikina
45Ramos, Rosario AngeloImmaculate Conception AcademyGrandmasterIlocos Sur
46Rapanut, JuvenalSt. Paul College of Ilocos SurGrandmasterIlocos Sur
47Raymund CamachoGrandmasterOlongapo
48Retita, IreneGrandmasterSM Bacolod
49Reyes, AngelPasig Catholic CollegeGrandmasterSM Marikina
50Rivera, John MichaelSchool of Saint AnthonyGrandmasterSM Marikina
51RIVERA, RoejenGrandmasterLa Union
52Sarrosa, Ralph Joshua P.University of the Philippines, VisayasGrandmasterSM Marikina
53Shi, Hazel JoyAteneo de Manila UniversityGrandmasterSM Marikina
54Solano, John Patrick F.UP DilimanGrandmasterSM Marikina
55Surdarlingan, Charie V.UP DilimanGrandmasterSM Marikina
56Tan, Alexandra MikaelaUniversity of Santo TomasGrandmasterSM Marikina
57Thea BalagtasSan Beda College - AlabangGrandmasterSM Dasmarinas
58Tio, DielleAteneo de Manila UniversityGrandmasterSM Marikina
59Yao, Kent DaneilUP DilimanGrandmasterSM Marikina
60Yu, Caila RominaUniversity of Santo TomasGrandmasterSM Lipa City
61ANDRADA, Dallin IvanVineyard Christian AcademyWhizkidLa Union
62Artiaga, Mylene JaneAssumption College of DavaoWhizkidDavao City
63Axl BunayagSt. Mary's College of MeycauayanWhizkidSM Baliwag Bulacan
64Bagsic, Albriz MooreLilyrose SchoolWhizkidSM Lipa City
65Baylon, Psalm EarlUNO-RWhizkidSM Bacolod
66CALUBAYAN, Phylinne CristelBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WhizkidLa Union
67Carlos Miguel ConcepcionImmaculate Conception School of BaliwagWhizkidSM Baliwag Bulacan
68Carpio, Matthew CharlesAKSSWhizkidPangasinan
69Cedric BolaCenter of ExcellenceWhizkidOlongapo
70Cervantes, Ronald JohnPNU-VWhizkidSM Bacolod
71Chan, Enzo Rafael BayanihanWhizkidSM Tarlac
72Chan, Kirsten Domique BayanihanWhizkidSM Tarlac
73Co, Kathleen ClaireCECWhizkidCebu City
74Co, Maxinne Louise Dominique L.Ateneo De Iloilo - SmcsWhizkidSM Iloilo
75Concepcion, Bernadette C. BayanihanWhizkidSM Tarlac
76Daduya, Justin FelipSt. James SchoolWhizkidIba, Zambales
77Damiano, Princess SandrahAssumption College of DavaoWhizkidDavao City
78Del Fierro, Kristian Clyne St. Augustine's SchoolWhizkidIba, Zambales
79Dimaano, Kyle AndreiLuta Norte Elementary SchoolWhizkidSM Lipa City
80Dy, Bernabe IIIPUIWhizkidPangasinan
81Elizabette Rose VillaflorCenter of ExcellenceWhizkidOlongapo
82Engallado, Frelean FaithSolomon Integrated School De IloiloWhizkidSM Iloilo
83Enojo, ShawnCECWhizkidCebu City
84Ephrain V. SalesUsusan Elem. SchoolWhizkidTaguig
85Fernandez, Charlyn JoyAssumption College of DavaoWhizkidDavao City
86Franz Christian GuicoSt. Mary's SchoolWhizkidSM Cagayan De Oro
87Holaysan, AlessandraBCSWhizkidCebu City
88Joaquin Simon DuayImmaculate Conception School of BaliwagWhizkidSM Baliwag Bulacan
89Jocson, Raldz LorenPNU-VWhizkidSM Bacolod
90Jovi R. JoseNapindan Elem. SchoolWhizkidTaguig
91Kyla Andrea AdlaonInternational School for Better BegginingsWhizkidSM Lucena
92Lagundi, KrizelSt. Paul University PhilippinesWhizkidTuguegarao
93Laruan, Hamerah JoyHope Christian Academy, Inc.WhizkidBaguio
94Laya, Kurt AdrianSt. Paul College of Ilocos SurWhizkidIlocos Sur
95Lenar Dean EdquibanBalic-Balic ESWhizkidOlongapo
96Lumiqued, Russel Jay P.St. Joseph de Mary Learning CenterWhizkidBaguio
97Ma. Carmela PerezInternational School for Better BegginingsWhizkidSM Lucena
98Magpantay, Peter AndrewSt. Paul School of AparriWhizkidTuguegarao
99Maligsay, Kyn AchillesImmaculate Conception AcademyWhizkidIlocos Sur
100Manzano, Trisha Denise B.St. Augustine's SchoolWhizkidIba, Zambales
101Mary Liv Faylinn LicardoInternational School for Better BegginingsWhizkidSM Lucena
102MENDOZA, Anthony GabrielBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WhizkidLa Union
103Olinares, Cyhres PrincessAKSSWhizkidPangasinan
104Ontiveros, ChelseaSt. Paul University PhilippinesWhizkidTuguegarao
105ORDONO, Brylle Jaden LouiseBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WhizkidLa Union
106Pascasio, Caitlin A.St. Mary's College QCWhizkidSM Marikina
107Perez, Angelo VinceDe La Salle LipaWhizkidSM Lipa City
108Rico Daniel MercadoCenter of Excellence- Kalalake Elem. SchoolWhizkidOlongapo
109Sado, Nikki JeaneImmaculate Conception AcademyWhizkidIlocos Sur
110SAPANTA, CarissaBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WhizkidLa Union
111SIMBOL, Ronn Derick BHC Educational Inst., Inc.WhizkidLa Union
112Sy, Lance Christian V.Huasiong College Of IloiloWhizkidSM Iloilo
113Tubo, Jsoh PhilipAteneo De Zamboanga UniversityWhizkidZamboanga City
114Ty, StephenZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWhizkidZamboanga City
115Uy, Robert FrederickSJIWhizkidSM Bacolod
116Villaflor, Jojie RoseUNO-RWhizkidSM Bacolod
117Villanueva, Liezyl Joy D.Solomon Integrated School De IloiloWhizkidSM Iloilo
118Vince Dominic CuevasCenter of ExcellenceWhizkidOlongapo
119Yulo, Jenina ClaireUNO-RWhizkidSM Bacolod
120Zyrah Jane F. CompraR.P. Cruz Elem. SchoolWhizkidTaguig
121ABANSI, KaslerBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WizardLa Union
122Abraham, MikeeSt. Augustine's SchoolWizardIba, Zambales
123Ainza, Zhyra Camille Royce D.Philippine Science High School - CARWizardBaguio
124Alcala, Samantha GailSt. Paul College, PasigWizardSM Marikina
125Aldrin P. BunaSt. Joseph Academy of El SalvadorWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
126Aleja Katryn CabigtingRegional Sci. High. Sch. 3WizardOlongapo
127ALIMPIA, Kyle PatrickBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WizardLa Union
128Alysa Nyn L. HeruelaGusa Regional Science HSWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
129Alyssa Raine AnguloQuezon Science High SchoolWizardSM Lucena
130Andal, Kristen Mari RCanossa AcademyWizardSM Lipa City
131Angela YugaDr. Yanga's Colleges IncWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
132Anna Mikalela A. TejanoPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
133Antioquia, Jose GregorioFAITHWizardSM Lipa City
134ARGANA, Ralph ErnestBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WizardLa Union
135Arzadon, King Joshua D.Baguio City National High SchoolWizardBaguio
136Atilano, JamesZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
137Aviso, Kate LouiseAquinas UniversityWizardNaga City
138Balidoy, Ed Mathhew G.Philippine Science High School - CARWizardBaguio
139Baybayan, Jan RianuSt. Paul University PhilippinesWizardTuguegarao
140Benjo BalagtasSto. Nino High SchoolWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
141BILAO,JOHAIRIligan City East High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
142Boado, Krizzel Joy R.Philippine Science High School - CARWizardBaguio
143Calimlim, Jen NicoleSt. Augustine's SchoolWizardIba, Zambales
144CALUZA, Coleen AngelaBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WizardLa Union
145Cambongga, John FelIligan City East High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
146Camo, Nina GraziellaFAITHWizardSM Lipa City
147Capalos, ChristianLyceum of AparriWizardTuguegarao
148Capili, Coleen AnnImmaculate Conception AcademyWizardIlocos Sur
149Cara S. GarciaUniversity of Perpetual Help Rizal Delta SystemWizardSM Dasmarinas
150Carag, Xhyza WaineSt. Paul University PhilippinesWizardTuguegarao
151Caringal, Mary JoyBauan Technical SchoolWizardSM Lipa City
152CARPIO, Moses ChristopherAgoo Kiddie Special SchoolWizardLa Union
153Carreon, Francisco Emilio T. Don BoscoWizardSM Tarlac
154Chan, Vicente RaphaelZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
155Chang, Katreena DachelleMakati Hope Christian SchoolWizardMakati
156Charlene De GuzmanMaryhill CollegeWizardSM Lucena
157Chinayog, Maricon P.Philippine Science High School - CARWizardBaguio
158Chua, Erika DenisePUIWizardPangasinan
159Cientos, JustineSJS-LSWizardSM Bacolod
160Claridad, Mica Aira B.Baguio City National High SchoolWizardBaguio
161Clerigo, AaronPhil Academy of SakyaWizardSM Marikina
162Co, HennisonPhil Academy of SakyaWizardSM Marikina
163Co, Ma. Samantha Ysabel L.Ateneo De IloiloWizardSM Iloilo
164Codley, Fairy Anne P.Baguio City National High SchoolWizardBaguio
165Cristal, Jenniah LoiseSMMSWizardSM Bacolod
166Cua, Jerickson RodneyGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM Marikina
167Cua, Mark DavidsonPUIWizardPangasinan
168Cuaresma, MaharaneePSHS - IRCWizardIlocos Sur
169Dacanay, Qyle Gabrielle S.Baguio City National High SchoolWizardBaguio
170Dana Faye AsperillaSen. Renato Cayetano MSTHSWizardTaguig
171Daniella Nadine AparteInternational School for Better BegginingsWizardSM Lucena
172Delmo, Joshua LoiBatangas Prov.Sci. HSWizardSM Lipa City
173Diadio, Johnna IzzaSMMSWizardSM Bacolod
174Diola, Bertrand MichaelPhil Science High SchoolWizardSM Marikina
175Dulay Jr., Virhilio ICalamba City Science High SchoolWizardSM Lipa City
176Earl Janiel F. CompraTaguig National High SchoolWizardTaguig
177Edjay HayagPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
178Elijamin ClaveriaPhil. Science High School - MainWizardSM Dasmarinas
179Ericka Grace RoxasPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
180Esperanza, Bryan Russel S.Saint Louis University High SchoolWizardBaguio
181Esperanza, Ronant Kent S. Saint Louis University High SchoolWizardBaguio
182Gayados, Cleo Jean D.Baguio City National High SchoolWizardBaguio
183Gerald DalanSt. Joseph CollegeWizardOlongapo
184Go, GeneZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
185Go, Xavier JeffersonZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
186Gonzales, Andres Rico M. IIIColegio de San Juan de LetranWizardSM Marikina
187Ho, ShannonZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
188Imperial, Andrea AlexisAquinas UniversityWizardNaga City
189Inate, Andrea DhagneHuasiong College Of IloiloWizardSM Iloilo
190Jake YuKong Hua SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
191Jechelle BernaldoRegional Sci. High. Sch. 3WizardOlongapo
192Jefrey Kayle P. EspirituPateros National High SchoolWizardTaguig
193Jerelyn Mae F. GimenaSt. Joseph Academy of El SalvadorWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
194Jerviron GonzalesSto. Nino High SchoolWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
195Jessa Mae G. SargentoTaguig Science High SchoolWizardTaguig
196Jessica G. TanKong Hua SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
197Jhila Patricia AdriasWestfield Science Oriented SchoolWizardSM Dasmarinas
198Jhon Anthony L. ApiagPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
199Jiezel M. LagascaWestfield Science Oriented SchoolWizardSM Dasmarinas
200Jiselle Ann SantosDr. Yanga's Colleges IncWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
201John Joseph GabataDr. Yanga's Colleges IncWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
202Jonathan WingDr. Yanga's Colleges IncWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
203Kate Anne SiuPhilippine Tong Ho InstituteWizardSM Lucena
204Kian Gabrielle MaximoSt. Mary's College of BaliuagWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
205King, Grant AaronGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM Marikina
206Lee, Jessica NadineSJIWizardSM Bacolod
207Liclican, Sephi MarzPSHS - IRCWizardIlocos Sur
208Lim, FrederickZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
209Lim, Jarrett Ian G.Phil Academy of SakyaWizardSM Marikina
210Lim, TonitaZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
211Maikee Tamara LagascaPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
212Mamaril, RizaldySt. Augustine's SchoolWizardIba, Zambales
213Marvin AlarconSt. Francies High School of SariayaWizardSM Lucena
214Maryjane EugenioDr. Yanga's Colleges IncWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
215Medenilla, Gabriel RMorning Star Montessori School Inc - LBWizardSM Lipa City
216Medina, Samuel AdrianAteneo De IloiloWizardSM Iloilo
217MENDOZA, ChelseaBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WizardLa Union
218Mercado, Michael James M. Don BoscoWizardSM Tarlac
219Mikhaela Angelique MarcaidaManila Science High SchoolWizardSM Dasmarinas
220Misa, Rica JaneCECWizardCebu City
221Misa, Rodolfo Jr.CECWizardCebu City
222Mollasgo, Jon MichaelAquinas UniversityWizardNaga City
223Myca ColomerSt. Mary's College of MeycauayanWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
224Nicholas L. LasquitePhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
225Nico AngKong Hua SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
226Noel, Aldrin MCanossa AcademyWizardSM Lipa City
227Oga, Francis NicoliCECWizardCebu City
228Olesco, Kirsten LeniAquinas UniversityWizardNaga City
229Oliva, Mariano NiñoCamarines Sur National High SchoolWizardNaga City
230Olsim, Charisse D.Baguio City National High SchoolWizardBaguio
231Olucan, BencerQuezon Hill National High SchoolWizardBaguio
232Ong, Lorrie PhillimaeCECWizardCebu City
233Onglao, Maria Andrea KristinaSt. Paul College, PasigWizardSM Marikina
234PAJARILLO, Joenah RheaAgoo Kiddie Special SchoolWizardLa Union
235Parra, Ma. Leibniz Charisse D.St. Paul College, PasigWizardSM Marikina
236Pasamba, Hannab BellePrecious Int'l School of DavaoWizardDavao City
237Penson, Margarita PatriceMakati Hope Christian SchoolWizardMakati
238Phinam Jethro S. GarciaUniversity of Perpetual Help Rizal Delta SystemWizardSM Dasmarinas
239Phoebe Ann M. MagallanesSt. Joseph Academy of El SalvadorWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
240Piscadero, James LloydCECWizardCebu City
241Pitero, Gerome JosephAquinas UniversityWizardNaga City
242Polly Anne Grace RoscoCLSU-SHSWizardSM Dasmarinas
243Rabano, Carla Elise ICanossa AcademyWizardSM Lipa City
244Raiza Klarissa AlcalaQuezon Science High SchoolWizardSM Lucena
245Rapanut, Shane A.Irisan National High SchoolWizardBaguio
246Raymart RubenECCATWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
247Raymond Andrew NojaderaColegio San Agustin- BiñanWizardSM Dasmarinas
248Reyes, JonathanPasig Catholic CollegeWizardSM Marikina
249Ricah Allen A. DongaolSen. Renato Cayetano MSTHSWizardTaguig
250RICO, EVONNEIligan City East High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
251Rigel AlvaranRegional Sci. High. Sch. 3WizardOlongapo
252Rochelle SalvadorSt. Mary's College of BaliuagWizardSM Baliwag Bulacan
253Rocky ArichetaSt. Francis of Assisi College BayananWizardSM Dasmarinas
254Romeo M. Enguerra IIColegio San Agustin-BiñanWizardSM Dasmarinas
255Romeo MelendrezRegional Sci. High. Sch. 3WizardOlongapo
256Sagulili, Lyka TrishaDigos City National HSWizardDavao City
257Salazar, Francesca Louis M.Philippine Science High School - CARWizardBaguio
258Shaena J. OlinoPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
259Shanea J. OlinoPhilippine Science High SchoolWizardSM Cagayan De Oro
260Sia, Anne NicoleCECWizardCebu City
261SIMBOL, Jan VincentBHC Educational Inst., Inc.WizardLa Union
262SMITH, Allison BHC Educational Inst., Inc.WizardLa Union
263Solon Roi N. LoroSen. Renato Cayetano MSTHSWizardTaguig
264Soria, GuineverePhil. Sci HS DavaoWizardDavao City
265Stephanie Gene LibozadaSaint Philomena SchoolWizardSM Lucena
266Suarez, Errol JohnAquinas UniversityWizardNaga City
267Sy, CamilleZamboanga Chong Hua High SchoolWizardZamboanga City
268Sy, UrielCECWizardCebu City
269Tamodong, Alexandra JaneDominican SchoolsWizardPangasinan
270Tan, Bryan JosephGrace Christian CollegeWizardSM Marikina
271Torres, Angela Mari S.Baguio City National High SchoolWizardBaguio
272Toyaoan, Valerie W.Irisan National High SchoolWizardBaguio
273Vince Jan F. TorresWizardSM Dasmarinas
274Yoshiki FujimoriInternational School for Better BegginingsWizardSM Lucena
275Yu, Jonathan ConradPCGSWizardCebu City