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233 puzzlers move to PSSC Finals..

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The 8th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge (PSSC) regional round yielded 233 winners, making their way to the national finals to be held at 4F, SM North, The Annex in Quezon City on Saturday, February 1, 2014.

The challengers coming from almost all regions in the Philippines will come face to face as they vie for the titles, Sudoku whiz Kid, Sudoku wizard and Sudoku grandmaster winners. Obvious it may seem that this search makes the fate of the few puzzlers set in stone as the next champs to represent the country in puzzle contests abroad.

As usual, the PSSC requires every finalist to get one’s act together in order to deal with the challenge more efficiently. More often than not, it takes speed and accuracy to reach the finish line. In other words, national finalists of the 8th PSSC must leave no stone unturned to find their own techniques to solve accurately the contest puzzles in every round.

The Sudoku finalists whose names are listed below should make a confirmation of their willingness to participate in the national finals through Mr. Vaughn Gesulga at email address, on or before January 2, 2014. Please do not forget to indicate the subject header of your email letter as: Yes … 8th PSSC!!!

In addition, the national qualifiers are requested to provide the contact person the following information:

  • Name:
  • Gender (sex):
  • Grade/year level (if student):
  • School/Company name:
  • Category (Whizkid / Wizard / Grandmaster):
  • Place/Venue of the Regional Elimination held:
  • T-shirt size: (please refer to the this file:Tshirt sizes)
  • Mobile contact number:

The 8th PSSC national finalists must understand that their role after winning the contest is to represent the Philippines in Sudoku competitions abroad. Therefore, as early as now the possible winners must be aware that their cash prizes will be used for their travel expenses. As such, the winners must further understand that the organizer will keep their cash prizes and only the excess amount (should there be any) will be handed to them.

Furthermore, the national winners of the 7th PSSC held in January 2013 are automatically participants to join these lists of qualified national finalists of the 8th PSSC.

These are the lists of qualified national finalists of the 8th PSSC.

1Alasco, Kriestoffere Carlo Q.
2Co, Maxinne Louise Dominique
3Masbano, Raymund
4Lee, Jessica
5Uy, Robert Frederick
6Tsai, Matthew
7Calvo, Joshua Steven
8Argana, Ralph Ernest
9Bonifacio, Regina Beatrice
10Bermejo, Gwyneth Nicole
11Alimpia, Kyle Patrick
12Marcada, Mikhaela Angelique P.
13Serdoncillo, Jansen Nina
14Bagsic, Albriz Moore C.
15Baluso, Eileen Kim
16Kian Gabrielle Maximo
17Paul Yvan Vardeleon
18Yu, Jonathan Conrad
19Piscadero, James Lloyd
20Oga, Francis Nicoli
21Carie-Anne Jude F. Riparip
22Kyla Andrea M. Adlaon
23Azzedine H. Abrencillo
24Kriz Dianne C. Tadiosa
25Yu, Jonathan Conrad
26Piscadero, James Lloyd
27Oga, Francis Nicoli
28Chan, Kirsten Dominique S
29Malungcut, Kahlil Christian Aaron
30Taracatac, Rafael Angelo D. B.
31Lim, Fedrick Lance
32Sebastian, Lance Kendrick
33Ferraris, Pauline Marie C.
34Lapastora, Justin Matthew L.
35Lia Angela A. Malazarte
36Riley S. Bobadilla
37Rwen Josh B. Narvarte
38Bertrand Michael L. Diola
39Caitlin Pascasio
40Margaux Lim

1Esperanza, Bryan Russel S.
2Torres, Angela Mari S.
3Sansano, Ferdie Clarck G.
4Marzan, Hezron
5Labrador, Jocelle Mae T.
6Dinamling, Shrenody Rose D
7Gayados, Alvin Noel D.
8Balidoy, Ed Matthew G.
9Nariz, Mark Angelo
10Jayme, Jaybal
11Co, Ma. Samantha Ysabel
12Poral, Niel Philip
13Ferrer, Magin Benedict
14Juan Tong, Timothy John
15Inate, Andrea Dhagne
16Gimena, Jerelyn Mae
17Olino, Shanea
18Suson, Farrah Angelica
19Ang, Oswell
20Ranido, Danielle Ann
21Carabana, Lovely Jane
22Sheng, Camille
23Dy, Natalia Beatrice
24Ong, Sanielle
25Cristal, Jenniah
26Nodado, Sean Ernest
27Retita, Irene
28Agnes, Jan Karina
29Cam, Hans
30Diadio, Johnna Izza
31Cua, Mark Davidson
32Magaoay, Pia Pollaine
33Chua, Erika Denise
34Carpio, Moses Christopher
35Simbol, Jan Vincent
36Casipit, Raphael Paolo
37Naraval, Paul Jeremiah
38Tamondong, Alexandra Jane
39Valdez, April Dylan
40Halili, Angie
41Rosco, Polly Anne Grace R.
42Enguerra Ii, Romeo
43Torres, Vince Jan F.
44Rabano, Carla Elise
45Arcadio, Princess Mhilny J.
46David, Mica Anne Piolyn B.
47Serdoncillo, Justine
48Aricheta, Rocky
49Arenas, Jo Christina C.
50Galorio, Antoinette Louisse Ann
51Caringal, Mary Joy
52Amorado, Janis
53Delmo, Joshua Loi
54Manalastas, Shantal A.
55Mirabueno, Jose Alfonso Igancio
56Herrera, Erin Michelle
57Jordan, Ernest Jamilton
58Soria, Guinevere
59Juntilla, Dave
60Paclibar, Tehrence Rommel
61Sy, Gabriela
62Lemana, Jessa
63Lua, Jeremie
64Alipas, Novelyn
65Gille, Ian
66Pasamba, Hannah Belle
67Jeselyn Santiago
68John Joseph Gabata
69Jan Merylle Santos
70Raymond Mamaril
71Benjo Balagtas
72Nolie Garcia
73Rhenz Real
74Errol John Suarez
75Alexandra A. Apuya
76Kathlyn Mae Coral
77Nicole Mae Picart
78Kate Louise Aviso
79Jed Holden Pangilinan
80Margaux Locsin
81Jehrom S. Estrella
82Mae Chelou L. Dicdican
83Irish Ann. C. Haas
84Marvin Alarcon
85Kate Anne Adlaon
86Danielle Nadine Aparte
87Donn Jonn Aeroe Sangcap
88Charlene S. De Guzman
89Kate Anne Thea J. Siu
90Jamaica Manlogon
91Chia, Judilyn W.
92Sy, Uriel V.
93Sia, Anne Nicole N.
94Kho, Mark Benedict
95Misa, Rodolfo Jr.
96Ong, Lorrie Phillmae
97Delica, Hanne Dorothy O.
98Fernando, Ryan C.
99Trocio, Rj
100Dy, Julia Fatima
101Tabiliran, Kid Noel C.
102Dantes, Justine Karl Patrick C.
103Briones, Antonio Jr. D.c.
104Malungcut, Kendrick Timothy
105Calimlim, Jen Nicole- 3Rd Year
106Acuna, Avidale
107Mamaril, Rizaldy Jr.
108Petano, Nelle
109Gabaldon, Sofia
110Sawali, Akkiara
111Pasigpasigan, Renz
112Pobre, Monique
113Chua, Jarrell Yves
114Ho, Shannon Gail
115Sy, Raven
116Atilano, James Christian
117Go, Gene
118Ng, Steve Hk
119Yu, Shaun Christopher
120Chan, Vicente Raphael
121Lim, Tonita Mari
122Baluyut, Aerielle Alaina
123Sappal, Almaida
124Alquiza, Justine Myles
125Apalisoc, Khayle Marie F.
126Valle, Johnvie
127Sado, Jenny Marie M.
128Molina, Marge P.
129Gerald Dalan
130Oliver Somo
131Romeo Dane Melendrez
132Aleja Katryn . Cabigting
133Danilo S. Refuerzo Iii
134Jamie Christine N. Mojica
135Jullina Marie Balanay
136Gerrick Spencer Limsiy
137Hazel Anne H. Pullan
138Diana Joy Lacerna
139Rae Beatrice C. Palmaria
140John Lesly G. ;Agrisola
141Bryan Joseph Tan
142Jerickson Rodney Ga
143Grant King
144Jonathan Reyes
145Melisa P. Acaban
146Lady Diane Bismonte
147Nathan Miguel G. Icaro
148Samantha Gail Alcala
149Ma. Andrea Kristina Onglao

1Sarrosa, Ralph Joshua P.
2Fabricante, Janissa
3Bentoles, John Joshua
4Ong, Fred
5Chua, Joseph
6Magaoay, Polychase
7Cua, Kendall
8Solidarios, Candice Renee Beatrice T.
9Balagtas, Thea Justine
10Dola, First Jay B.
11Alberto, Maynardo P.
12Yu, Romina Caila M.
13Lomibao, Liezl Rose G.
14Yu, Roseller B. Jr.
15Lago, Bianca Marie I.
16Ihalas, Jondel
17Villena, Jaymar
18Dejito, Amor
19Jamili, Kristine Mae
20Oliveros, Joey
21Gonazales, Cristine May
22Soria, Gwendolen
23Raymond Nicolas
24Bryan Joseph Borlongan
25Kristine Danielle Maximo
26March De Belen
27James Shanry Punzalan
28Noreen Gulapa
29Carlo Jejomar Sanchez
30Joselito C. Del Mundo
31Machacon, Alec
32Uy, Charlene Diane
33Chan, Ethan Riley
34Alquiza, Jo Benedict
35Alexandria Mikaela Yan
36Kent Daniel Yao
37John Patrick Solano
38John Michael Rivera
39Arienne Chan
40Ryan S. Estolaton
41Ana Carmela Arcillas
42Angel Reyes Jr
43Laderas, Vic Jomar M.
44Garcia, Lance