200 Regional Winners Confirmed & Ready for 14PSSC

About two hundred regional Sudoku winners made a swift and sure declaration to participate in the 14th Philippine Sudoku super Challenge (PSSC) which will be held at 4th Floor The Annex, SM North EDSA in Quezon City on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Registration starts from 8:00am to 9:00am. Contest starts at 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Making it against time to beat the confirmation deadline, two hundred Sudoku puzzlers, now considered as official national finalists, will come face to face with their equals as they vie for the top five titles of the following categories: Under 8 (Have to be born after 1 January 2012), Under 10 (Have to be born after 1 January 2010), Under 12 (Have to be born after 1 January 2008), Under 15 (Have to be born after 1 January 2005), and Over 15 / Adult (Born before 31 December 2004).

Other than this year’s declared PSSC regional champs, last year’s 13th PSSC top 5 national winners of every category, if they confirmed their participation, are considered official national finalists as well. Other regional winners who failed to beat the confirmation deadline are deemed uninterested participants, therefore, they are regarded as not official national finalists. The Organizer strongly prohibits walk-in participants. 

The 14th PSSC national finalists will solve around 20 to 25 puzzles in 4 rounds for U8, U10 and U12 category in approximately 90 minutes and 25 to 30 puzzles in 5 rounds for U15 and O15A in approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.  Some of the puzzles are Frame Sudoku, Non Consecutive Sudoku, Diagonal Sudoku, Odd/Even Sudoku, Extra Region Sudoku, Outside Sudoku, Sudoku 3 Mixed, Tricky Tridoku, Killer Sudoku, Triple Multi Loco Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku.

The complete list of puzzles is provided in the Mechanics of the Contest below.

Please click this link: 14 PSSC Mechanics of the Contest – Final Round

Furthermore, national finalists from the Visayas, Mindanao and those from Luzon with more than 5- hour travel time to Manila can avail of the FREE accommodation. Coaches and accompanying persons are not included in this accommodation sponsorship.

The organizer reiterates that the top three winners of every category, winning the cash prizes, will have to agree through a waiver allowing the organizer to keep the money for the participants for their plane tickets and other travel expenses abroad as they represent the Philippines in Sudoku and puzzle competitions.

Below are the official finalists of this year’s 14th PSSC.

1Abriol, WillaryUnder 8
2Alfante, Dannah JeanUnder 8
3Caligtan, Paula NicoleUnder 8
4Catindig, Juliana MaeUnder 8
5Chan, Enriq RaceUnder 8
6Chan, Enriq RaceUnder 8
7Cheong, Sabrina LouisUnder 8
8Chua, Panfilo JacoboUnder 8
9De Mesa, Mira Mae N.Under 8
10Diego, Iesus MosesUnder 8
11Flores, Alexandra FionaUnder 8
12Maceda, Samantha NicoleUnder 8
13Mapoy, Tricia MaeUnder 8
14Mendoza, Khalil KateUnder 8
15Pama, Kelvin EricUnder 8
16Reyno, Ed ZakiUnder 8
17Rivera, Andrea NicoleUnder 8
18Samaniego, Edgar Gian RedgeUnder 8
19Wee, Reane HaleyUnder 8
20Bayotlang , Jefferson Niño Under 10
21Blanco, Lheane Margarette Under 10
22Caligtan, Aron MarcUnder 10
23Caro, Zai Jian NiñoUnder 10
24Cruz, Aaron EinrebUnder 10
25Cruz, KhianUnder 10
26Cuanan, Jon LeonardUnder 10
27De Silva, Rhian NatalieUnder 10
28Deiparine, Emmanuel SergUnder 10
29Dineros, JeromeUnder 10
30Espinoza, Atticus CalixUnder 10
31Fajardo, Zeus KianUnder 10
32Fernandez, Princess Bhella Under 10
33Fortes, Rein BenjaminUnder 10
34Inate, Aleqxa DjeanaUnder 10
35Manamparan, Adriel LenardUnder 10
36Ojeda, John ErickUnder 10
37Patriarca, John GabrielUnder 10
38Perocho, Dante ButchUnder 10
39Que, Alexis JaneUnder 10
40Que, Jace MateusUnder 10
41Raymundo , Rhaiyanna R.Under 10
42Reyes, JeremiahUnder 10
43Riva, ZachariahUnder 10
44Rivera, Aljur JamesUnder 10
45Roque, Loraine Q.Under 10
46Roque, Mark LorenzUnder 10
47Roxas, RhianUnder 10
48Saladaga, Fa ShailynUnder 10
49San Pedro, Vince JyvierUnder 10
50Sargado, J IrahUnder 10
51Sayson, Kian RhenUnder 10
52Tuazon, Redin JasonUnder 10
53Umipig, Empress JayrielleUnder 10
54Uy, Brent LorenzUnder 10
55Villanueva, Jasmine AbegailUnder 10
56Wong, Calica BeatrizUnder 10
57Anzures, Princess Ashley Under 12
58Barrientes, Mica Angelou DeniseUnder 12
59Basa, Alessandra GraceUnder 12
60Basobas, AlessandraUnder 12
61Baston, Matt EzekielUnder 12
62Berana, Jerrold KylerUnder 12
63Cadion, Jared EmmanuelUnder 12
64Calica, Io Aristotle NikolaiUnder 12
65Castro, KristineUnder 12
66Chan, Kyleigh Dustine Under 12
67Cristobal, Maria Samantha Under 12
68Cruz, Knayne B.Under 12
69De Jesus, Rhian MaeUnder 12
70De Castro, Juliane KateUnder 12
71Dominguez , Calvin Job Alejandro Under 12
72Espayos, Precious AngelaUnder 12
73Espra, Jazcie AdrielleUnder 12
74Fernando, Lizette AdeliceUnder 12
75Franco, Redgie Nal P.Under 12
76Gabriel, Graciela SteffUnder 12
77Hipolito, Frea krissela Under 12
78Jumaquio, TristanUnder 12
79Ligsay, Juan MiguelUnder 12
80Lim, Keane TimothyUnder 12
81Lofamia, Rhensis BenedictUnder 12
82Malaluan, Nick YvannUnder 12
83Matias, RozendaUnder 12
84Nable, Yvan AngeloUnder 12
85Ong, Bruce SpencerUnder 12
86Padilla, Rian CrystelUnder 12
87Panerio, Julian MilesUnder 12
88Pangan, Serg AnselUnder 12
89Rasines, Matthew KenzieUnder 12
90Reyes, Cashmere YazieUnder 12
91Rocafort, John Manuel B.Under 12
92Roque, Jewel RichUnder 12
93Selga, Ethan JoshUnder 12
94Solidarios, Kiersten Reese BerniceUnder 12
95Sto. Domingo, Erika JaneUnder 12
96Torres, Sherlyn CharlotteUnder 12
97Valdez, Rei Jan AlbertUnder 12
98Veniegas, Rocky AndrieUnder 12
99Victoria, Tiffany RoseUnder 12
100Villanueva, Rover DavidUnder 12
101Xairylle, ArcegaUnder 12
102Yap, Marc AdrianUnder 12
103Adlaon, Kyla AndreaUnder 15
104Alcantara, Rayner GabrielleUnder 15
105Alfonso, Ehrell DaneUnder 15
106Ang, Vince DexterUnder 15
107Antonio, Darren FrancoUnder 15
108Aspillaga, BeatriceUnder 15
109Baconaje, Chris IvanUnder 15
110Bautista, Andrea ChristineUnder 15
111Bernardo, Sheena DianneUnder 15
112Betchaida, EdwinUnder 15
113Bonpin, Tiffany ClaireUnder 15
114Cabugao, Louisa JeanUnder 15
115Cheong, Samantha LianneUnder 15
116Chu, Hailey LeanneUnder 15
117Co, Matthew Raymon Under 15
118Contreras, AlexisUnder 15
119Cruz, Knayne B.Under 15
120De Castro, Juliane KateUnder 15
121Doromal, Reysheil AnneUnder 15
122Escalante, Diodel AlexisUnder 15
123Estrada, DarrenUnder 15
125Gabata, John JosephUnder 15
126Gabata, Kristine JoyUnder 15
127Galang, Kashmier VailleUnder 15
128Go, Junky XavierUnder 15
129Holaysan, AlessandraUnder 15
130Jang, SeanUnder 15
131Kudemus, Mars DanielUnder 15
132Lim, Petz JacobUnder 15
133Maraye, Abdurrazzaq Under 15
134Mercado, Maleina MavUnder 15
135Miraflores, Gio ManuelUnder 15
136Muñoz, MilesUnder 15
137Nacion, MarielUnder 15
138Nicolas, BillyjoeUnder 15
139Nicolas, Nadine GraceUnder 15
140Niebres, Gamliel JethUnder 15
141Odena, Irish BeaUnder 15
142Rongo, Alec NathanUnder 15
143Salamatin, Errol ArvyUnder 15
144Tongcua, Hanne MargaretUnder 15
145Untalan, Hermogenes EurieUnder 15
146Yabut, KenjieUnder 15
147Abansi, Kasler DellOver 15/Adult
148Adlaon, Kate AnneOver 15/Adult
149Alquiza, Justine MylesOver 15/Adult
150Arcillas, Ana CarmelaOver 15/Adult
151Asuncion, Gino AngeloOver 15/Adult
152Atayde, Mary EdlynnOver 15/Adult
153Baldrias, MelvinOver 15/Adult
154BAYAS, CHRISTIANOver 15/Adult
155Biato, Kristine DaceOver 15/Adult
156Buo, DaphneeOver 15/Adult
157Calubayan, Phylline CristelOver 15/Adult
158Calumboy, SharmaineOver 15/Adult
159Cardinal, Joel EdwardOver 15/Adult
160Carpio, DeniseOver 15/Adult
161Chan, Enzo RafaelOver 15/Adult
162Chan, Kirsten DominiqueOver 15/Adult
163Chan, Sean Austin Over 15/Adult
164Cheong, Patrick MilesOver 15/Adult
165Collado, GabrielOver 15/Adult
166Creus, Elena RuthOver 15/Adult
167Dalumpines, SophiaOver 15/Adult
168De Guzman, AaronOver 15/Adult
169De Guzman, FrederickOver 15/Adult
170De Jesus, Mark EmersonOver 15/Adult
171Garma, AllyzaOver 15/Adult
172Go, Desiree Regine Over 15/Adult
173Gomeri, Madeleine RafaelleOver 15/Adult
174Gutierrez, Frederick Jr.Over 15/Adult
175Holaysan, Sed AndersonOver 15/Adult
176Jao, Natasha MaeOver 15/Adult
177Khoo, Justin Teng SoonOver 15/Adult
178Lee, Jessica NadineOver 15/Adult
179Lim, Marc KendrickOver 15/Adult
180Lindayag, Francis OrionOver 15/Adult
181Machacon, Alec PiusOver 15/Adult
182Machacon, AlexOver 15/Adult
183Manicad, James RazelOver 15/Adult
184Mendoza, Mark AllenOver 15/Adult
185Navarro, Janelle AleisonneOver 15/Adult
186Nebres, Bianca DeniseOver 15/Adult
187Noprada, Oshman FhilipOver 15/Adult
188Olinares, Cyhres PrincessOver 15/Adult
189Ong, FrederickOver 15/Adult
190Poral, Neil PhillipOver 15/Adult
191Ramos, Maria NicoleOver 15/Adult
192Rey, Therese JanelleOver 15/Adult
193Robles, RedOver 15/Adult
194Roco, Gwen KathleenOver 15/Adult
195Samonte, Jean KathleenOver 15/Adult
196Sarrosa, Ralph JoshuaOver 15/Adult
197Solano, John PatrickOver 15/Adult
198Solidarios, Candice Renee BeatriceOver 15/Adult
199Suarez, Errol JohnOver 15/Adult
200Uy, Michael johnOver 15/Adult